Microsoft Switzerland Establishes New Office in Geneva’s Westhive Alto Pont-Rouge

Microsoft Geneva Office in Westhive Alto Pont-Rouge, Opening Ceremony

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Geneva, September 26, 2023. Microsoft Switzerland is expanding its presence with a strategic relocation to Westhive Alto Pont-Rouge in Geneva. Announced today, this move is integral to Microsoft’s broader commitment to fostering innovation and deepening relationships with customers and partners in the Romandie region and the whole of Switzerland.

“Relocating to Westhive Alto Pont-Rouge signifies more than just strategic growth. It highlights our commitment to both the Romandie region and the broader Swiss market,” remarked Catrin Hinkel, CEO of Microsoft Switzerland. “We see this new location as a central stage for co-innovation and collaboration. It reflects our confidence in Switzerland’s dynamic tech landscape and our aspiration to be at its forefront.”

Located in the business-centric Pont-Rouge district, the new office offers unparalleled accessibility via major transport links and stands as a modern hub designed to enhance productivity and collaboration. It exemplifies Microsoft’s vision of a workspace that is conducive to business growth and meaningful engagements.

This new establishment resonates with Microsoft’s overarching aspirations to strengthen its foothold in Switzerland, cultivate relationships, forge new partnerships, and unwaveringly contribute to the Swiss market.

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