Revolutionize Your Business: Microsoft and KPMG Join Forces for an AI Masterclass

In response to the rapidly evolving business landscape and the growing need for innovative solutions, Microsoft and KPMG are pleased to announce a collaborative effort to present the Microsoft AI Masterclass. This comprehensive masterclass aims to empower organizations with the knowledge and tools to harness the full potential of Artificial Intelligence (AI). 

In today’s business environment, marked by data overload, intense competition, and the need for efficient automation and predictive insights, AI has become a strategic imperative. Acknowledging the transformative impact of AI on industries and businesses, Microsoft and KPMG have collaboratively designed a tailor-made masterclass to address the unique challenges faced by organizations. 

To help companies understand the opportunities AI can unlock, Microsoft recently commissioned a study through IDC that provides unique insights into how AI is being used to drive economic impact for organizations. IDC surveyed over 2,000 business leaders and decision makers from around the world who are responsible for bringing AI transformation to life within their organizations. The study, which builds on the results from Microsoft’s Work Trend Index focused on workplace productivity, examines how companies are monetizing their AI investments, from generating new revenue streams to delivering differentiated customer experiences, to modernizing internal processes. Key findings from this study show:  

  • 71% of respondents say their companies are already using AI  
  • 92% of AI deployments are taking 12 months or less  
  • Organizations are realizing a return on their AI investments within 14 months  
  • For every $1 a company invests in AI, it is realizing an average return of $3.5X   
  • 52% report that a lack of skilled workers is their biggest barrier to implement and scale AI    

Andrew Reid, Director Global Partner Solutions at Microsoft Switzerland, comments, “Microsoft is committed to empowering organizations with cutting-edge AI solutions. This masterclass offered by KPMG, in partnership with Microsoft, provides a platform for businesses to explore, understand, and implement AI technologies effectively, paving the way for transformative change.” 

Tobias Valk, Head of Advisory at KPMG Switzerland, adds, ” Our latest KPMG 2023 CEO Outlook reveals that AI as disruptive technology also raises concerns about ethical, security and regulatory implications. As leader in providing AI solutions and services to various industries and sectors, KPMG leverages its domain and functional experience in the Microsoft Masterclass to help organizations also adopting responsible and robust AI frameworks with focus on safeguarding and governance.” 

The Microsoft AI Masterclass is a comprehensive exploration designed to equip participants with a nuanced understanding of Artificial Intelligence (AI) and its practical applications in their specific business environments.  

The program encompasses the following key elements: 

Introduction to AI: Uncover the essence of AI and its transformative impact on various industries. 

Microsoft AI Solutions: Delve into the dynamic capabilities of Microsoft’s AI solutions and how they can be strategically harnessed. 

Use Cases: Draw inspiration from real-world industry and functional use cases, leveraging the collective expertise of KPMG and Microsoft. 

Identification & Incubation: Leverage KPMG’s structured methodology for collaborative identification and incubation of AI use cases. 

Enable AI Technology: Grasp the pivotal role of technology and ensure organizational readiness for the effective implementation of AI. 

Implement and Scale AI: Develop tailored strategies to systematically expand and deploy AI within your operating model. 

Anticipated Participant Outcomes

Participants of the Microsoft AI Masterclass can expect a rich and immersive experience, promising valuable insights and tangible outcomes: 

Understanding AI: Acquire in-depth awareness and insights into the practical applications of AI within your company, navigating its opportunities and limitations. 

Innovation: Engage in hands-on exercises, including use case identification and business value assessment, fostering innovation and strategic thinking. 

Exploration of Use Cases: Witness real-world demonstrations of concrete industry and functional use cases, providing practical insights and inspiration. 

Enablement: Gain the tools to identify the necessary technology setup and organizational capabilities essential for successful AI implementation. 

Concrete Results: Depart the masterclass with tangible outcomes, whether it be a detailed roadmap, a robust business case, or identified use cases tailored to individual needs. 

This immersive learning experience promises to empower participants, offering not only theoretical knowledge but also practical insights to navigate the evolving landscape of Artificial Intelligence. 

For further information and registration details, please visit KPMG & Microsoft: Artificial Intelligence Masterclass – KPMG Switzerland 

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