Top Swiss Banks Embrace GenAI Transformation with Unique FinanceGPT

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Pictet Group one of the leading Swiss private banks adopts FinanceGPT based on Microsoft Azure Open AI by Swiss-based Unique AG as announced in official go-live.

Swiss-based AI-driven FinanceGPT company, Unique AG, announced an official go-live with their client Pictet Group. This rollout enables over 5,000 employees to experience the power of One.Chat, a platform co-developed by Unique and Pictet and based on Microsoft Azure OpenAI Service, that allows easy access to all internal information. 

By utilizing the Microsoft Azure OpenAI Service, Unique’s clients can swiftly access regulatory compliance information, and compose personalized emails with the help of the Unique Chat function. They also benefit from documentation automation and client conversation summarization and recording that Unique FinanceGPT offers. This optimization of administrative processes enables them to direct their attention toward serving their clients more effectively. Moreover, storing data in Swiss datacenters supports compliance with financial services regulations.

“Together with Unique, we’ve introduced One.Chat, a Generative AI platform that allows fast and tailored access to vast amounts of internal information and data for all our employees. This has already allowed us to reduce administrative work, speed up existing processes, improve IT support, and we are working next on increasing the effectiveness of our teams working with clients,” said Steve Blanchet, Head of Group Technology Strategy & Innovation at Pictet Group. “We’ve also put in place a GPT solution that enables staff to use that technology safely in the workplace,” he continued. 

In addition to the Pictet go-live, Unique was able to raise an additional USD $6.4 million (CHF 5.6 million) to further develop a tailored Microsoft Azure-based Co-Pilot platform for the financial industry. The aim is to supercharge client-facing teams and allow them to automate administrative tasks with the power of Generative AI. The total investment now stands at USD 24 million (CHF 21 million) and reflects investors› confidence in generative AI and its potential impact on the financial industry. 

Unique managed to secure new funding in the financing round led by Vi Partners that also included such investors as Daniel Gutenberg, Boris Collardi, and Young Sohn, who emphasizes his confidence in Unique: 

“Unique has the potential to become a global vertical AI leader with its tailored solution for the financial industry. I’m committed to helping Unique’s founders with their expansion plans and ambitions as an advisor,” said Young Sohn, Founding Managing Partner Walden Catalyst Ventures and former Corporate President of Samsung Electronics. 

Manuel Grenacher, the CEO and Co-founder of Unique, said: “We are excited to develop the Unique FinanceGPT solution together with leading financial institutions. I’m particularly proud to count top names such as LGT Private Banking, Pictet Group, Partners Group, PostFinance, Die Mobiliar and Key Group, to name a few, among over 40 clients. Their trust underscores our firm commitment to aligning with the evolving needs of financial institutions, where GenAI is becoming increasingly indispensable.” 

Unique’s expertise and years of experience with GenAI position them to facilitate the seamless integration of innovative technology within the banking sector and make a tangible impact on the industry. 

LGT Private Banking have also experienced the power of Unique FinanceGPT and its capabilities that extend far beyond task optimization.  

Simon Gomez, Head Innovation Management at LGT Private Banking, said, «We chose Unique for its enterprise-ready, compliant solution that addresses multiple GPT use cases and allows us to quickly accelerate the adoption of this new technology within our organization. The co-development strategy ensures that our needs are met quickly and positions us at the forefront of the industry.» 

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