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Cloud based learning platform sows seeds of students’ lifelong learning

The need for lifelong learning has never been greater than it is today – but the seeds must be sown early. Children and young adults are naturally hungry for knowledge – it is the privilege of teachers to quench that thirst without dousing students’ natural curiosity. Rote learning, limited horizons, and dull content can swiftly snuff out student enthusiasm.

Catholic Education Western Australia (CEWA) share they are transforming education via its LEADing Lights platform for almost 78,000 students in 163 schools across the state using a range of cloud technologies, machine learning and advanced analytics. They are uncovering best practice learning and democratising access for school leaders, teachers, students and families – truly shifting the dial on education.

Read on for five inspiring stories on the digital transformation of CEWA through the unique perspectives of students, teachers, parents and guardians, school leaders and the broader education sector.

Series of five LEADing Lights stories from different perspectives

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