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Cloud cover helps BOQ optimise customer experience

Dynamics 365 transforms customer engagement, primes rapid response after five-week deployment

Bank of Queensland has deployed Microsoft Dynamics 365 in just five weeks, creating a platform that allows all frontline employees to capture customer feedback and help expedite the bank’s response. This is the first phase of the bank’s broader Customer Engagement Platform strategy.

The bank has replaced a previously manual customer feedback system with the automated solution. It is reporting much more comprehensive feedback collection, which it sees as essential to rapid response and more informed product and service development.

BOQ worked with Microsoft partner Avanade and completed the initial roll out of the system in just five weeks.

The enhanced customer feedback collection and automated workflow solution allows the bank to expedite its response capability, to provide fair outcomes in response to customer concerns.

According to Adrian Biermann, Senior Manager, Group Customer Relations at BOQ the solution is supporting the bank’s intent to respond rapidly to customer enquiries and concerns, by empowering its frontline personnel. The richer customer insights which are gleaned also help to inform BOQ’s future product and service plans.

Enhanced insight drives rapid response

Anthony Ingeri, Program Manager for BOQ’s Customer Engagement Platform (CEP), noted that the demonstrated security of Microsoft Azure was a key factor in the bank’s decision to adopt a cloud-based solution. “Having Australian data centres that are managing sensitive information for other well-known commercial organisations and also state and federal government agencies was really important.”

Ingeri also stressed that investment in Microsoft platforms helped evergreen the bank’s technology as it was a gateway to other Microsoft technologies that the bank may want to integrate in the future, particularly Power BI and Azure based artificial intelligence.

Steven Worrall, managing director, Microsoft Australia, said; “A key feature of Microsoft’s mission is to supply solutions that empower individuals and organisations. BOQ’s customer feedback solution does precisely that – it empowers customers to share their concerns and insights, empowers BOQ employees to take informed action fast, and provides the bank itself with much richer insights about customers.

“Working with Avanade which has deep experience in Dynamics 365 allowed BOQ to deploy fast and well and we look forward to working with the bank as it continues to digitally transform to deliver exceptional customer experiences.”

Around 1,000 BOQ personnel can use the platform to collect customer feedback, while a small group in Biermann’s team use the case management function to deal with any escalated matters.

Moving from a largely manual customer feedback system to the streamlined digital solution allowed BOQ to automate a lot of the associated workflow. For example, it has deployed automated acknowledgements to people who have logged feedback to remind them that BOQ would like them to respond to the customer concerns if they are able, while at the same time ensuring all regulatory obligations are met.

BOQ is now exploring how to deploy Power BI to support the visualisation of the data that it is capturing to drive better insights as well as report to key stakeholders in the bank.