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Royal Society for the Blind shines with AvantCare

Modern platform streamlines operations and service delivery

The Royal Society for the Blind (RSB) has completed a significant digital modernisation, replacing Salesforce with the AvantCare platform, developed on Power Platform with Microsoft Dynamics 365 Business Applications and enhanced with Azure by Microsoft partner, Illuminance Solutions.

The transformation has helped the RSB to streamline operations including the delivery of services to clients.

RSB is a leading provider of services and support to the blind and vision impaired, supporting South Australian people with guide and assistance dogs, a range of community services such as occupational therapists, orientation and mobility, optometry, adaptive technology and low vision products. It also offers a range of employment services, health and wellness opportunities, and operates an industrial services factory at its Gilles Plains campus..

A tender to replace Salesforce was won by Illuminance solutions with its AvantCare solution – a modular, modern cloud-based platform designed specifically to meet the needs of care providers. For a complex organisation like the RSB which delivers multiple layers of services with a broad array of funding sources, AvantCare delivers the breadth and depth required to successfully manage all of those elements and assure enterprise-wide transparency.

AvantCare modules cover everything from client engagement, to rostering and scheduling, and includes auditing facilities to ensure compliance with the National Disability Insurance Scheme (NDIS) and Aged Care Standards..

AvantCare’s Microsoft foundations also ensure ease of integration with the RSB’s existing Office 365 investment, allowing the organisation to implement security controls over data access and client records, and to manage client documents in SharePoint.

The RSB’s, executives and managers meanwhile have access to real time reporting through Power BI, delivered via Microsoft Teams.

Implementing AvantCare into our clinical practice has provided the RSB service delivery staff with the opportunity to use a clean and integrated system that is intuitive, easy to use and has been adaptable to the differences between the different funding models we provide services under. We have been able to modify the system to capture relevant reporting and information that is reflective of our needs as an organisation and continue to change as the needs of our clients and staff change over time – Lauren Townsend, Lead Occupational Therapist, RSB

“Ultimately the buy in and ownership by the RSB’s staff is the key indicator to the success of AvantCare.”

A key requirement for the RSB was that AvantCare be accessible for its vision impaired staff. The platform came through the RSB’s own accessibility testing with flying colours.

Nilesh Mikwana, CEO, Illuminance Solutions said that by working closely with the RSB it had been possible to configure AvantCare to manage the diverse funding streams including Aged Care (CHSP), NDIS, Medicare and  Fee for Service and then build a streamlined support plan for clients that also guarded against overspending and helped with online claims.

“AvantCare is a richly featured, but easy to use platform that helps reduce the administrative burden on the organisation so that it can focus its efforts on supporting clients. Being based on Microsoft technologies ensures the resilience, performance and security that is critically important to care giving organisations and also provides the foundations for ongoing innovation.”

Built with a deep understanding of how the NDIS operates and the challenges faced by care providers, AvantCare has also been used for scheduling and rostering of both group activities and for people working in the RSB’s factory.

Phil Barlow, Director Partner Technology, Microsoft ANZ congratulated the RSB for the transformation that it had achieved by deploying AvantCare. “Illuminance Solutions is a multi-award-winning Microsoft partner that always goes the extra mile for customers.

“AvantCare has helped transform the way that the RSB operates. It ensures systems accessibility for all its employees, and streamlines the delivery of services to the broader community. Congratulations all.”