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The new business leadership strategies for a hybrid world

To compete in today’s economy, organisations need to attract and retain the best talent. What began as a mass shift to working from home 18 months ago has become a catalyst for employees to re-examine their relationship with work – not only how, when, and where but why they work. Today, work is no longer defined by where people gather, it’s about how connected we feel.

In this context, leaders face a new imperative: bring workers together – from the virtual boardroom to the factory floor – through a culture grounded in flexibility, trust and a shared sense of belonging. Otherwise, leaders risk losing their most valued asset: their people.

For organisations and their leaders, this is an opportunity to create new frameworks and workplace norms that deliver greater fulfilment for employees and better business outcomes for employers.

Introducing Hybrid Work | The Belonging Imperative

At Microsoft, our mission is to empower every person and every organisation on the planet to achieve more. Today, as leaders navigate the biggest shift to how we work in a generation, Microsoft is committed to ensuring no individual or organisation gets left behind.

As the leader in enabling businesses to embrace hybrid work and improve employee experience, Microsoft is pleased to be the Principal Partner of TEDxSydney, helping business leaders explore what’s POSSIBLE in this new world of work and employees to determine where they belong.

Over the coming months TEDxSydney and Microsoft will curate a series of events that explore the belonging imperative facing leaders as they navigate the biggest shift to how we work in a generation.

Register for TEDxSydney Salon

On Thursday 28 October 2021, TEDxSydney and Microsoft will bring together some of the foremost thinkers on leadership, belonging, and work at a TEDxSydney Salon event: Hybrid Work | The Belonging Imperative. This free digital event will be sponsored by Microsoft and hosted by Fenella Kernebone, Head of Curation, TEDxSydney.

At TEDxSydney Salon, we will unpack:

  • The hybrid reality – Why belonging is so critical for attracting, retaining, and engaging talent in the new world of work.

  • Building tribes, not tribalism – The line between belonging, which brings people together, and tribalism, which tears them apart.

  • Corporate cultures that connect – Enabling team to stay genuinely connected, even when they are far apart.

  • Authentic leadership – What employees want from their leaders at a time of heightened change.

You will have the opportunity to hear from and interact with:

Portrait image of Stan Grant

Stan Grant

International Affairs Editor for the Australian Broadcasting Corporation, a multi-award-winning current affairs host, and author.

Portrait image of Sam Mostyn

Sam Mostyn AO

Businesswoman and sustainability adviser, with a long history of executive & governance roles across business, sport, climate change, the arts, policy, and NFP sectors.

Portrait image of Tim Dean

Tim Dean

Sydney-based philosopher and science writer. He is the author of How We Became Human, a book about how our evolved moral minds are out of step with the modern world.

Portrait image of Tom Harkin

Tom Harkin

One of Australia’s pre-eminent advanced facilitators and executive coaches. As Founder of Tomorrow Architects, a pioneering consultancy breaking ground in behavioural change, leadership development and organisational transformation, he is a thought leader that has mastered the recipe that reveals individual and collective genius, and a relentless student of the human condition.

Portrait image of Mark Mortensen

Mark Mortensen

Associate professor of Organisational Behaviour at INSEAD. He researches, teaches, and consults on issues of collaboration, organisational design and new ways of working, and leadership. His area of expertise is organisational collaboration.