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Canada’s AI Predictions for 2024

In 2023, we reached a critical inflection point in our relationship with AI, both in how we understand it and how we benefit from the technology. Big breakthroughs spurred on by recent advances in machine learning have transformed “AI” from what once seemed out of reach to the average Canadian, into an indispensable tool with the power to unlock new possibilities and solve some of society’s most challenging issues.

Canada has long been a leader of AI, from research and discoveries, to championing responsible AI governance, to the Canadian organizations across sectors that have harnessed the power of AI to transform how they deliver impact. Over the past year, we have seen examples of the societal potential of AI, including in Alberta where the province’s fire fighting agency, Alberta Wildfire, is using AI-powered tools to revolutionize how they predict wildfires and support firefighting efforts and the development of the first ever affordable AI-controlled bionic arm built by Canadian entrepreneurs SmartArm.

In 2024, we expect AI innovation to continue unlocking new opportunities, revolutionizing the way we work, and enabling transformation across every industry in Canada.

To kick off the year, Microsoft Canada asked 7 Canadian leaders, innovators and experts to share their insights on what we might expect from AI in 2024 right here at home. Their diverse perspectives touch on trends in work, employment, data & privacy, education, accessibility, financial services and gaming.

Read on below to learn more about the future of AI in Canada.

– Chris Barry, President of Microsoft Canada

Canada's AI Predictions for 2024