Rise of the Tomb Raider presents: Survival Billboard

The Survival Billboard to mark the release of the latest Tomb Raider game

Eight contestants stand tall in an endurance test like no other

To celebrate the launch of Rise of the Tomb Raider, we are challenging eight people to channel their inner Lara Croft and survive 24-hours on a live action ‘Survival Billboard’ in central London. The eight contestants, made up of survivalists and fans of the game – including ultimate Tomb Raider fan, Jade Jolie – will battle against the elements, as voted for by the public. From 1pm GMT today, you will be able to tune into a livestream at survivalbillboard.com and vote on the weather conditions that the competitors will be subjected to. Contestants will face artic cold, intense wind, wild snowstorms and sudden heat – it’s all up to you so get voting!

ROTTR Survival Billboard Group Shot Street

As well as the Survival Billboard, we also challenged four YouTubers – Project Syndicate, Oli White, Jade Jolie and Yammy xox – to escape Siberia in 48 hours. Siberia is British icon Lara’s first expedition in Rise of the Tomb Raider and so in a series of extreme challenges – from climbing sheer rocks, through to hiking mountains in blizzard conditions – four YouTubers followed in her footsteps. Did they escape? Watch the video below for all the action.

Xbox and Rise of the Tomb Raider present 48 hours to escape Siberia
Xbox and Rise of the Tomb Raider present 48 hours to escape Siberia


Oli White escaping Siberia
Oli White escaping Siberia

Vitayz, Siberia 3

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