Unromantic Brits ‘aren’t bothered’ by Valentine’s Day, Bing reveals

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Love is in the air, everywhere I look around… except in the UK, it seems.

Almost two-thirds of Britons have said they “aren’t bothered” by Valentine’s Day, according to new research from Bing.

While 65% will wonder why they should celebrate the event at all, 24% are willing to try a little harder and buy a gift from a petrol station for their loved one.

Most people are planning to rein in the spending following Christmas and New Year. The majority (72%) are limiting themselves to a £50 outlay, according to Microsoft’s search engine, while 22% have set a £10 cap because “it’s not the same as a birthday gift”.

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53% are planning to ditch the traditional romantic meal for two in favour of a night out on the town

Most Britons left it until at least February 11 to buy their partner a present, with just 9% snapping up the perfect gift a full week in advance.

For those who still celebrate Valentine’s Day, 53% are planning to ditch the traditional romantic meal for two in favour of a night out on the town.

Kevin Stagg, Head of Marketing at Bing, said: “Valentine’s Day has historically been a particular favourite for Brits, but this year there seems to have been a shift in how – or even if – we plan to celebrate it.

“Fuelled by a growing trend towards going out rather than spending a romantic evening with a loved one, as well as the dramatic rise of online dating, the classic Valentine’s table for two may soon become a thing of the past. In fact, in the digital age, that quest for love may be more likely to start with a search on Bing.”

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Plenty of Fish topped the list of most popular dating websites, with Tinder in second place and Match.com in third

It’s tough to find love these days, especially if you’re considering wooing that special someone with a sack of charcoal briquettes you picked up from the local petrol station.

So, if you are still single on February 15, Bing has also uncovered the most popular online dating websites. Plenty of Fish topped the list, with Tinder in second place and Match.com in third.

However, it also discovered that searches for “sexting” have soared recently, which may finally answer the age-old question of whether love is fleeting.

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