60 seconds with… Microsoft UK Education CTO Andy Nagle

Andy Nagle has been appointed Education Chief Technology Officer (CTO) at Microsoft UK, overseeing technology strategy for our work with schools, colleges and universities across Britain. The News Centre sat down with Andy to find out more about his role, the challenges he will face and what he hopes to … Read more »

Fear of change is putting British companies at risk, report finds

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A fear of change among staff is putting British companies at risk, according to new research that looks at how businesses are preparing for a technology-led future. A significant number of workers from across the UK admitted to anxiety and concerns over job security when their firms introduced technology to … Read more »

Here’s what leaders at Microsoft UK think will happen in 2017

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As it’s January, you’re probably focused on two things: keeping your New Year’s Resolutions, and wondering what the next 12 months will bring. This month is a good time to look forward. January is the namesake of Janus (Roman god of transitions), whose two faces look ahead to the future … Read more »

Cindy Rose: Decoding Digital Transformation

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By Cindy Rose The 2016 edition of Future Decoded comes as we are at the dawn of what many believe is the fourth industrial revolution. As with the first revolution in the 18th century, which witnessed the rise of industrial scale manufacturing; the second, the harnessing of electrical power for … Read more »