Bersama Malaysia: Microsoft Partners with Seeloz to Reimagine Supply Chain with AI

 |   Microsoft Malaysia


The MoU signed between Microsoft and Seeloz will see the introduction of the Supply Chain Automation Suite (SCAS) powered by Azure, to the Malaysian market

KUALA LUMPUR, 17 August 2021 – Microsoft Malaysia and Silicon Valley-based Seeloz Inc. (Seeloz) today signed a Memorandum of Understanding (MoU) to support the Malaysian supply chain ecosystem with AI technology to further enhance the major strategic sectors in Malaysia including manufacturing, oil and gas, utilities, palm oil and public services. The MoU signing was witnessed by the Malaysian Investment Development Authority (MIDA) and represents a significant milestone in Microsoft’s Bersama Malaysia initiative, whilst also marking a step forward for Malaysia’s IR4.0 Roadmap and MyDigital blueprint.

This MoU will see the introduction of Seeloz’s Supply Chain Automation Suite (SCAS) powered by Microsoft Azure in the Malaysian and Asia Pacific markets. A global emerging leader in Supply Chain Automation, Seeloz introduced SCAS as the world’s first Autonomous Requirements Planning (ARP), redefining supply chain planning using AI. This breakthrough technology is proven to reduce inventory carrying costs by up to 40%, reduce supply chain management costs by up to 25%, and substantially boost operational efficiency in over twenty industry verticals, making it essential to the future of every sector involving the management of complex supply chains, in general, and for Malaysia to not only remain competitive but to pull ahead across the ASEAN regional market.

“Innovation is crucial to businesses growth and resilience, especially when it comes to supply chain management in the current digital era,” said Dr. Mohamed Aly, Founder & Chief Executive Officer of Seeloz. “Adopting a perspective of creating tailored vertical-specific solutions is paramount to us at Seeloz, as we focus on infusing cutting edge technology into businesses through SCAS. By partnering with Microsoft, we are able to tap into the power of Azure and empower Malaysian enterprises and organizations to survive the challenging economic climate and expand into the regional market via the digital economy.”

Supply chains are a key part of Malaysia’s digital transformation journey, with Malaysia being home to two of the top five ports in Southeast Asia and manufacturing being one of the key pillars of the nation’s economy. A manufacturing-focused solution redefining supply chain planning for inbound supply chains, Seeloz’s SCAS Production is designed to accelerate growth within the manufacturing sector, mitigate the impact caused by the pandemic and provide flexibility for businesses to explore more opportunities within the digital economy.


“As we continue to pioneer ground-breaking achievements and record-breaking standards in the regional automotive component industry, the question of how to enhance capability remains at the forefront of our minds. At this critical juncture, we must adopt a proactive outlook of disruption, or risk being disrupted. This means developing meaningful partnerships built on trust, and Seeloz was the obvious choice. By embarking with Seeloz on an AI-driven supply chain transformation journey, we’re on track to achieve significant financial savings while boosting the efficiency of our tactical and operational processes. With fully automated supply chains, we can continue blazing a trail in our relentless pursuit of excellence and strengthen our position as a leader in the automotive industry across the ASEAN region.” said Datin Sri Farah Binti Datuk Rameli, Executive Director, Ingress Corporation Berhad.

Congratulating Microsoft and Seeloz on the partnership, Mr. Arham Abdul Rahman expressed, “The COVID-19 pandemic presented a formidable challenge to supply chains across Malaysia and beyond, impacting businesses and consumers alike. Manufacturers, under pressure to adapt quickly to a new normal, are driven to leverage effective digital technologies. The collaboration between Microsoft and Seeloz looks to spearhead supply chain transformation and modernise Malaysia’s supply chain-related industries through the power of AI. This will forthrightly benefit our Malaysian manufacturers to remain sustainable and resilient through better business practices and approaches. Tapping upon the aspirations of Malaysia’s Digital Economy Blueprint and the National AI Roadmap that is currently being developed by MOSTI, MIDA will continue to encourage such partnerships and facilitate industry stakeholders to embrace Industry 4.0 technologies to gain maximum value to our business ecosystem and the wider economy.”

The partnership will also see Seeloz working closely with Microsoft to upskill Malaysians and ensure that the nation’s talent is equipped to fully leverage the new solutions being introduced. As part of the MoU, Seeloz will conduct AI and Supply Chain training programs in partnership with the Malaysian government. Microsoft will also be conducting accelerator workshops and hands-on labs, whilst supplementing Seeloz’s training programs with materials on Cloud, Data and AI.

“The pandemic and its reverberating effects have warped traditional methods of supply chain management within manufacturing industries across Malaysia, and in the region,” said K Raman, Managing Director of Microsoft Malaysia. “Digital transformation continues to take place all around us, as consumers and retailers go digital – so should our manufacturers. To this end, it is essential to the long-term sustainability of any business operating in the manufacturing sector to augment their supply chain using new technologies such as AI and automation, to gain the flexibility and scalability required to thrive in the future. Our partnership with Seeloz is a continuation of our shared commitment under Bersama Malaysia, and we’re excited to continue the path of digitally transforming our nation through innovative use of AI in manufacturing.”

The partnership also places a strategic emphasis on AI and is forecasted to rapidly build Malaysia’s leadership position in emerging tech, which in turn drives GDP growth by attracting investments, companies and start-up creation within the country.