Punjab Group of Colleges in Partnership with Microsoft onboards Teachers and Students on the Digital Learning Platforms of Microsoft across Pakistan

Islamabad, December 2022: Punjab Group of Colleges in partnership with Microsoft has launched the Digital Skills Initiative in Pakistan bringing their educators and students onboard to Future Ready Skills and Learn Platform. The initiate aims to reimagine the education landscape, empower the next generation of students and bridge the gap between knowledge and employability.

Punjab group of Colleges is in an academic alliance with Microsoft to enable the next generation of computer science / IT experts leveraging the state-of-the-art technologies including but not limited to, Cloud Computing, Artificial Intelligence, Cybersecurity, Business Applications, Office Automation / Productivity tools etc. Over 25,000 students and educators of Punjab Group of Colleges across Pakistan will have access to all the learning resources and tools through platforms like Microsoft Learn for Educators, Microsoft Showcase Schools Program, Microsoft Learn for Students with free Fundamental Skills Certifications. .

PGC is aiming to upskill its educators and students community to be at par with peers across the globe to ensure that they are recognized internationally and are globally competitive and ready for the future.

Mudassar Farooq; Group Chief Technology Officer Punjab Group of Colleges expressed his views “Today just acquiring a degree is not enough. 80 percent of employers believe that graduates do not arrive fully equipped with work-ready skills. We at Punjab Group of Colleges understand that to remain relevant and in demand, we must innovate to keep pace with an everchanging world and provide the right curriculum and skills building resources to ensure students are prepared now for the future”

“As digital transformation accelerates across industries, digital skills are more important than ever, almost every job requires some level of digital fluency,” said Jibran Jamshad, Country Education Lead Microsoft for Pakistan, Lebanon and Jordan. “To drive the best employability outcomes in today’s digital economy, colleges and universities need to ensure their students develop the right 21st century skills and knowledge for their career of choice after graduation. Our longstanding partnership with Punjab Group of Colleges comes in line with our commitment to provide the education sector in Pakistan with the resources and tools needed to build the next-generation workforce and allow students and educators to do more with less”.

Building an engaged and digitally skilled workforce enables productivity growth which results in more and better jobs for the current workforce, creating more public and private investment in education and training systems, and, in turn, increasing the employability and productivity of the current and future workforce.

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