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Delivering on the promise of equal educational opportunities for all

Digital transformation is transforming every industry and sector including education enabling educational institutions to use modern tools for a more collaborative and engaging classroom experience. This transformation is also helping schools employ technology to realise the goal of providing equal access to a quality learning experience for all students, including … Read more »

Digital transformation isn’t just a buzz word for business

Deriving true value from digital transformation demands vision, insight and investment. It’s not dipping the proverbial toe into digital. Nor is it the bold, brave leap. Done with intent, it is strategic and sustainable. Research undertaken by International Data Corporation (IDC) and Microsoft South Africa found that 20% of South … Read more »

Making cloud solutions more accessible to the South African government

By Siya Madyibi, Corporate, External and Legal Affairs (CELA) Director at Microsoft South Africa For governments throughout the world cloud computing is fast becoming a key part of their ongoing IT strategy. Cloud services offer access to virtually unlimited data storage and remove the burden of having to purchase, maintain, … Read more »

Helping governments embrace digital transformation

Digital transformation is essential to advance the mission of government. Technology has become an omnipresent force in the world and when capitalised on, it can create more efficient, transparent, and productive governments. Industry has always been transformed by technology. From the steam revolution to electricity and now digital business, human … Read more »

The dynamics of thriving in the digital era

By Marc Gower, Dynamics lead at Microsoft SA Forget about digital transformation until you have decided how you plan to reinvent your business model to address the fundamental and irreversible shift in the way customers make purchasing decisions and consume products and services. Technological evolution has always gone hand-in-hand with … Read more »

Prioritising productivity and profitability in the modern workplace

By Lionel Moyal, Office Business Group Lead at Microsoft South Africa While digital transformation may be the most game-changing technology shift happening across businesses today, the process affects, and is driven by people. They are located across functions, ranging from IT to HR and marketing, and by utilising new technologies … Read more »

Protecting data and devices in the age of mobility and cloud computing

By Lionel Moyal, Office Business Group Lead at Microsoft South Africa Digital transformation is touching every sector, industry and organisational size, with SMEs being empowered by digital technologies such as hyperscale cloud computing to gain enterprise-grade services and compete for the same customers as big corporations. While the digital era … Read more »