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Microsoft HoloLens expands availability in UAE

Mixed reality experiences to enable UAE organizations in achieving more and creating new ways to empower employees, optimize operations, engage customers and transform products 15 February 2018; Dubai, United Arab Emirates –  Microsoft today announced that Microsoft HoloLens, the world’s first self-contained holographic computer is now available in the UAE … Read more »

Enlisting technology in the fight against rhino poachers

South Africa – Rhinos are critical to the broader ecosystem, yet an epidemic to systematically slaughter these majestic animals rages on. In 2017, a total of 1 028 rhinos were poached throughout the country, only 26 less than 2016. The scourge doesn’t look like it’s going to end in the … Read more »

The need for a culture for digital civility increases locally

Johannesburg, 6 February – Last year, Microsoft’s Digital Civility Index (DCI), which measures consumers’ lifetime exposure to online risks, found that South Africa was one of the worst performing countries, when it comes to the level of civility across various online interactions. In fact, SA placed 14th out of the … Read more »

Using technology to reach the most under-served students in Pakistan

Across Pakistan, 22.6 million children (44%) of school-going age don’t go to school. This is largely because education is unaffordable, or the nearest school is too far away. Children who don’t attend school are often the most vulnerable and marginalised, while the long-term impact on the country is a generation … Read more »