Oman Cyber Defense Centre to participate in Microsoft’s Government Security Programme

Khamis bin Salim Al Hajri, Head of Oman Cyber Defense Centre and Sheikh Saif Bin Hilal AlHosni, General Manager of Microsoft Oman, Bahrain during the signing ceremony.

Centre to deploy tailored solutions aimed at bolstering Oman’s cyber defences, enhancing global cybersecurity and increasing transparency.

12 December, 2023; Muscat, Oman – Oman Cyber Defense Centre today announced its participation in Microsoft’s Government Security Program (Microsoft GSP) which fosters trust through transparency by extending privileged access to security information for approved governments worldwide. The Oman Cyber Defense Centre’s participation in the program will allow the centre access to Microsoft’s source code and other proprietary developments, ensuring clarity and trustworthiness in their operations.

“The Oman Cyber Defense Centre is pleased to be participating in Microsoft’s Government Security Program,” said Eng. Khamis bin Salim Al Hajri, Head of Oman Cyber Defense Centre. “Our collaboration with Microsoft on this critical initiative will enhance our ability to protect Oman’s digital infrastructure, businesses, and citizens from cyber threats. We look forward to working with Microsoft and combining our knowledge, resources, and expertise for a safer digital landscape, and we hope that our alliance serves as a beacon for other nations and corporations in the region to join forces and uphold global cyber safety.”

As part of the agreement, Microsoft and the Oman Cyber Defense Centre will share cyber threat intelligence in real-time to pre-emptively address potential threats and further fortify the region’s security landscape. To facilitate knowledge transfer and collaborative problem solving, Microsoft’s security experts will also engage in deep-dive technical trips and cyber resilience workshops with the centre’s personnel.

Saif Bin Hilal AlHosni, General Manager of Microsoft Oman, Bahrain, stated that Microsoft’s collaboration with the Oman Cyber Defense Centre underscores the unwavering commitment of both organizations to safeguard digital infrastructures, bolster cyber defenses, and uphold the principles of trust in technology.

“We look forward to collaborating with the Oman Cyber Defense Centre and help them address their nation-specific cyber challenges with the help of the latest global tech innovations,” AlHosni said. “Our work together is an important step in the development of a strong cybersecurity framework in the region that will protect critical infrastructures across all industries and prevent cyberthreats. Together, we are forging a future where technology is not just advanced, but also trusted and secure for all.”

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