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Wunderman Thompson launches new business with modern workplace and creative collaboration using Microsoft 365

Story Highlights:

Using Teams to collaborate across 200 locations in 90 different markets

Bot and AI capabilities helping automate the dissemination of best practices between teams across the world, whether to service a specific customer, or to win new business

Microsoft 365 security features enabling smooth transition between dealing with both GPDR / European Union data residency requirements, governmental institutions in the United States, and various different industry specific requirements (HIPAA)


Two flagship companies, Wunderman and J. Walter Thompson, merged under the WPP umbrella to create the world’s largest advertising agency — Wunderman Thompson; bringing together digital networking experience with 150-plus years of brand-building creativity. A key step in doing this involves deploying Microsoft 365 to help create a modern workplace that will be the blueprint for digital transformation across WPP. With tools like Teams, employees from across the globe are able to bring their ideas together via video calls, helping foster a more collaborative environment that produces the best outcome for the customer. Read how Wunderman Thompson uses Microsoft 365 to be more collaborative, secure, agile, and optimized to ensure they provide accurate data-driven digital ad targeting for each customer.


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