Innovation in education – what does the next frontier hold?

In a world where technology has made knowledge easily accessible, education has become less about acquiring knowledge and more about understanding what to do with that knowledge. Young people today need new sets of skills to navigate the volume and variability of knowledge available – skills that educators will increasingly need to prioritise in their classrooms.

Indeed, the skill sets that young people across the Middle East and Africa need to thrive in tomorrow’s workplace are changing rapidly. The World Economic Forum’s Future of Jobs analysis predicts that whether jobs across the region are being phased out or are in demand, they will ultimately undergo major skills profile changes.

Mark Sparvell, Education Leader at Microsoft recently attended GITEX Technology week in Dubai where he highlighted key skills that today’s educators need to focus on in order to equip learners for future jobs, as well as some of the profound ways in which technology is helping to develop the skillsets needed.

Here’s what he had to say about driving innovation in education.

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