TIM is the first carrier in Brazil to migrate 100% of its datacenters to the cloud

Continuing its strategic plan, the carrier invests in a multi- cloud environment and announces a partnership with Microsoft and Oracle to support its digital transformation journey, that is essential in its pillar of excellence and innovation for customers

Rio de Janeiro, Brazil – Anticipating the market, TIM announces another stage in its digital transformation journey with focus on its customers. The company becomes the first carrier in Brazil to announce the migration of 100% of its datacenter, located in São Paulo and Rio de Janeiro, to a multi-cloud environment. Following its strategy, the carrier has just signed a partnership with Microsoft and Oracle, which will allow the company to improve customer service processes, internal operations, billing, speed the collection and management of digital platforms, scalability, and security, in a project that combines innovation, sustainability and efficiency. The expectation is that the migration process will be carried out in the next two years, with the transfer of all TIM resources to cloud.

The migration is part of a carrier’s strategic plan, which involves digitizing all processes, including customer service and relationship platforms. Since last year, with the changes caused by Covid-19, TIM understood the need to accelerate its digital transformation process, by verifying changes in consumer behavior, it decided to adjusting flows and platforms to maintain its standard of customer service.

Microsoft and Oracle already have a global cloud interoperability partnership that offers a simple powerful approach to connecting their two clouds – Microsoft Azure and Oracle Cloud. In this project, the concept of integrated support is being used in which the connection between the datacenters of the two companies generates a unique experience for TIM. With the use of Oracle Cloud Infrastructure (OCI), Oracle’s second generation datacenter, and the adoption of the Microsoft Azure platform, TIM will have the most complete security certification solution of the market and was chosen for offering a wide availability of tools for modernizing applications, the carrier will take the mission-critical processes to the cloud, optimizing and simplifying the management of its IT infrastructure, in addition to offering scalability according to the demand of business evolution.

Another advantage of the agreement is the alliance between Microsoft and Oracle, signed globally in 2019, and which allows the execution of processes in both environments with redundancy. With the two clouds, TIM will have an ultra-speed connection and availability to maintain the carrier’s systems with the highest levels of security.

The change is also part of TIM’s commitment to better Environmental, Social and Governance (ESG) practices. Migration to the cloud automatically reduces emissions directly associated with storing data in physical spaces, an important step towards the carrier’s goal of being carbon neutral by 2030.

“Our proposal is to take the customer’s experience to a new level, with more efficiency and agility, always with the highest levels of security. We are the first carrier to promote a change with this dimension, also anticipating initiatives related to governance and sustainability, within a larger project, related to an ESG agenda that permeates all TIM’s operations. We are following the market movement and investing in areas such as Analytics and Digital, which are fundamental for the expansion of company’s business, and we have partners that meet the highest levels of quality to highlight our pioneering spirit and reference for the Telecommunications sector”, says Pietro Labriola, CEO of TIM Brasil.

“We are very honored to have been chosen together with Oracle to conduct such an ambitious project. The migration of all TIM datacenters to the cloud will ensure security, scalability, simplification of IT infrastructure management and allow the carrier to focus on constantly improving the experience of its customers. It also gives me great satisfaction to see Microsoft technology being used as a sustainability vector, helping TIM in reducing the carbon emissions of its operations”, reinforces Tânia Cosentino, President Microsoft Brazil.

“This is a milestone for the market. Movements like this will be more and more frequent in large companies. We are extremely motivated to have been chosen, together with Microsoft, to carry out this innovative project of migrating 100% of TIM’s datacenters to the cloud. This will bring more innovation, agility, security and, consequently, even better services for your customers. Having Oracle helping TIM to create a world of countless possibilities fills us with energy and pride”, highlights Rodrigo Galvão, president of Oracle Brazil.

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