Kodu Kup: Team Lithuania


Team: Justas, Pijus, Aurimas, & Danielius

In their own words:

“All three of us met upon Kodu Kup summer camp. Later, when we needed another member, Danielius joined the team. We have participated in this contest to learn more about programming and to also have a good time. When we were at camp, we visited Vilnius Microsoft base, we really enjoyed our visit. We saw a lot of new technologies Microsoft wanted to invent, and were taught how they work. So, we thought that if we would win this competition, we’ll have chance to visit their Headquaters in Brussel. The team worked hard on this project for an entire summer.”

Project: ‘Mission Mars’

Experience Planet Mars terrain exploration by inspecting various stones, ground scanning, and searching for artifacts. Learn how to control “Curiosity” made Mars Rover from NASA base, and discover which stones you have to inspect and which to destroy. You will have to launch rocket and watch it from best spot, how it goes higher and higher. When you land on Mars the player will have to complete missions before running out of energy. There are some Secrets (Easter Eggs) and there are some different ending that will surprise players.

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Teacher: Rytis Umbrasas

Rytis Umbrasas is an IT specialist, as well as physics and computer science teacher since 1987! He likes to teach things that the kids like, so he decide to teach programming via computer games – great way to have fun programming. “The main thing I like – is the creativity of human beings. Other things can make 3d printers, but create something new… that’s different! So when I see how kids create something new – I’m happy. With Kodu Game Lab, kids can create amazing games in a simple way. With Kodu, we can concentrate on ideas not on code. If the kids in our team will find joy in creativity, then it will be greatest thing that I can teach.”








Virginija Birenienė

“I was working as ambassador, national technological coordinator and lead techer in many EU-funded ICT in education projects such as eTwinning, Inspire, eQNet, iTEC, LSL, CCL, Scientix. ICT application in education makes it more attractive to students, and its suitable application leads to higher education quality and effectiveness.Coding is of high priority in Lithuania. Currently, the Ministry of Education is going to revise coding curriculum and implement a large scale teacher training programme. One of the main coding application issues in new curriculum is its deeper integration into primary education curriculum, e.g. in Math.”

LithotherteachersDanguole_Thumb[1]Danguole Olbutiene

“Kodu is a great, interesting way for kids to learn the basics of programming and game development. Kodu can be taught by any teacher with no previous programming expertise required. In addition, it lets us teach kids in a very interactive, simple, and direct manner. Most of the kids got so excited with using this program, they would be glued to their computers, programming, when they would come back from our summer school classes.Coding gives people the ability to learn to think computationally: the ability to read and write computer language. It helps people to understand the world around themselves, develop problem solving skills. Therefore, it should have a great priority in our government.”


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