5 Superpowers teachers (secretly) dream about

Being a teacher requires a set of skills and aptitudes that is unlike any other profession out there. Ultra-patience, Wikipedia-like knowledge, uber-passion and super-listening skills are among the basics. Add a bladder of steel, eyes in the back of their heads and real affinities for geeking out on Minecraft, and we’re talking serious teaching talent.

“If you could have one superpower, what would it be?”

As true superheroes, teachers spend most of their time helping others, inspiring greatness and going above and beyond expectations. And, as there’s no superhero without superpowers, we asked teachers from all around Europe during our E2 conference in Budapest what specific superpower they’d like to have that would help them rock their classroom. From time-freezing to teleportation, there’s plenty they dream of.



He who controls time, controls…everything? Time is a scarce resource in schools, and most teachers out there could benefit from a few extra hours every day. Besides, more time also means more room for creativity, and literally endless recess. Students would love it.

“I would just love to be able to stop time. A school is such a dynamic place; you’re running around in the classroom, and during breaks you’re meeting different clubs, coaching different teams, and you haven’t eaten your lunch yet but you want to set up your area for the next class; just hit the magic clock.”

Lara Dabbagh – teacher in Ireland



Disappear and reappear at a different place; quite an attractive superpower if you’re juggling between classes, trainings, preparing lessons and other student-focused activities. Teleport your way from one classroom to the other, and grab lunch at your favourite place on the way.

“Being able to teleport would be totally awesome. I would never be late – and could take my students to any place in the world. It is like taking Skype in the Classroom to a new level.”

Masha Zyuzyukova, teacher in Russia



A field trip shouldn’t be limited to the school’s neighbourhood, or even to our solar system for that matter. With the ability to take students on intergalactic space trips, the whole classroom could get a good glimpse at the Andromeda Galaxy in the morning, and catch up with the Voyager probes by noon. Who said the sky was the limit?

“I would love to take my students to space, and have them discover new corners of the Milky Way, show them how unique our universe is, and inspire them to respect the world we live in and, eventually, better understand each other.”

Marharyta Kaliuzhna, teacher in Ukraine



“Tell me how you feel, and I’ll tell you what it means. Students can sometimes be difficult to read, and many of them can find it challenging to put words to how they feel. The mind reading superpower would help teachers better understand what their students are thinking and feeling and give them that extra attention when needed.



Students deserve to be the happiest people on earth. Many teachers do their utter best to help their students be happy, but imagine for a moment having the power to put a smile on every single face, every single day. Share the love.

“I would love to be able to make all the children self-confident and have them believe in themselves. Some students think they’re not as valuable as they actually are, and there are a lot of things happening outside the classroom that we just don’t know about.”

Paula Vorne, teacher in Finland



“O’ captain, my captain”. Participation is the holy grail for any educator. Having the power to keep students focused at all time, engaged and participating, is a power many teachers couldn’t say no to. The standing-on-tables comes as an extra option.

“If I could just keep all my students engaged, at all time, and more importantly, no matter the topic, that would be the best superpower ever. If I could do that, I’d probably be the best teacher in the world.”

Mads Ostermann – Danish Educator and Consultant


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