Europe Code Week

This Europe Code Week, we focus on short-term and long-term ways to prepare current and future generations for our modern, digital workforce; and ultimately nurture a passion for STEM education among young Europeans. Check out what we have planned around the region! … Read more »

Language is the key to success

Microsoft provides new version of German language learning app Schlaumäuse in Berlin Language is an important key to successful integration. In Germany there are currently hundreds of thousands of refugees, adults and children, faced with a need to learn German. This week in Berlin, Microsoft unveiled the new version of the … Read more »

5 Superpowers teachers (secretly) dream about

Being a teacher requires a set of skills and aptitudes that is unlike any other profession out there. Ultra-patience, Wikipedia-like knowledge, uber-passion and super-listening skills are among the basics. Add a bladder of steel, eyes in the back of their heads and real affinities for geeking out on Minecraft, and … Read more »

From MIXathon to E² – A teacher’s journey outside of the classroom

Whether they’re flipping, gamifying, Skyping or MIXing their lessons, teachers are always on the lookout for inspiration and ways to bring their teaching to life. As Microsoft’s CEE President Don Grantham rightly put it, “everything starts with education”, and in an ever-digitizing world, staying ahead of the curve is more … Read more »

Inspiring a new generation of inventors

By Don Grantham, President, Microsoft Central and Eastern Europe (CEE) This week we are hosting the 2016 Microsoft Global Educator Exchange in Budapest, Hungary. It is an opportunity for educators from across the world to come together, share ideas and collaborate on new classroom tools and teaching methods for students. … Read more »

Surface 3 has arrived in Europe!

If you’ve been keeping an eye of the new Surface 3 that we announced in March, we’re pleased to announce that it’s now available in 16 European countries! As of today, you can purchase a Surface 3 in Austria, Belgium, Denmark, Finland, France, Germany, Ireland, Italy, Luxembourg, the Netherlands, Norway, … Read more »