Microsoft and La Liga team up to engage billions of football fans around the world

Microsoft’s Digital Difference event in New York saw more than a dozen companies discuss how embracing technology has transformed their businesses for the better, with Spain’s premier football division, La Liga, among them.

Raúl González, La Liga Country Manager in the United States and his fellow executives shared their experience of digital transformation and the use of ‘social listening’ to focus on the experience of the league’s huge following of fans.

Investing in Microsoft and its Azure service, La Liga’s cloud platform allows it to keep track of the behaviour and preferences of its fans from around the world, allowing them to offer a personalised service which presents them with news and information about their favourite teams and players.

“We are the best league in the world, and we want to transform our offer to football fans through digital solutions that enable La Liga’s more than 1.7 billion followers around the world to access digital products and services in a personalized way, “explains Silvestre Jos, director of Technology Services.

Power BI

The power of ‘social listening’ was demonstrated at the event in a Power BI demo which showed what players were the most talked about, as well as which countries the league had the most impact in.

The innovative intelligence and data visualisation this solution offers will allow La Liga and its clubs to create even better, more tailored and engaging products for their fans, allowing them quick and easy access to the information that is most important to them – whether that involves videos of their favourite players, or in-depth statistics of their team.

As a new Harvard Business Review, Analytic Service report concludes, 80 percent of business leaders believe that their industry will be positively impacted by digital transformation over the next three years, but less than half are defined a digital strategy for it.

The Digital Difference event saw La Liga representatives share the stage with pioneering companies involved in robotics, transport, finance, health and new technologies – all of which demonstrated the tremendous positive impact that embracing new technology and service solutions can offer – both to companies, and their customers.

For more information, please visit the original article on Microsoft News Centre Spain and visit Microsoft’s Digital Difference website.

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