Would you walk through a giant AI-powered Kaleidoscope?

AI Kaleidoscope

Give a child a kaleidoscope, even in this age of smart, connected devices, and chances are they’ll still be entranced by its hypnotising colours and ever-changing patterns.

Microsoft partnered with world-famous Dutch DJ Martin Garrix topush the limits of the kaleidoscope concept, by creating a one-of-a-kind fan experience in Amsterdam, to celebrate Garrix’s new book, LIFE = CRAZY.

The immersive AI-powered hallway, dubbed The Kaleidoscope – allowed fans to connect with the life of the DJ legend in a way that’s never been done before.

It starts with a selfie
Before entering the mesmerising hallway, fans take a selfie, and Microsoft’s Cognitive Services work behind the scenes, analysing the selfie with images in an archive. These archived images consist of Garrix’s own photos, from personal moments, to tours, live performances, and more.

The AI system can determine what mood subjects are in, their surroundings, the colour of their clothing, their location, and more. Once analysed, participants enter an immersive mirrored hallway where projections of the Garrix’s matched and related photos are refracted and reflected around them.

Walking through the hallway, each fan is surrounded by exclusive shots tailored to their selfies, able to explore Garrix’s life in photos from a totally new angle, creating a completely customised fan experience.


Upon leaving the experience, visitors had a chance to explore the hidden connections between all the images and their own – discovering the unlikely, unexpected, or uncanny things they share in common with Garrix’s life.

Brian Marble, Director of AI Marketing at Microsoft states that “The Kaleidoscope is a great way for fans to connect with Martin Garrix through the power of AI. We’re thrilled to be a part of such a highly personalized, unique experience.”

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