Plan Indonesia and Microsoft Launch AI TEACH for Indonesia Program, Targeting AI Training for 300,000 Vocational School Students in Indonesia

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Doc. Yayasan Plan International Indonesia

Jakarta, 6 February 2024 – The rise of artificial intelligence (AI) in Southeast Asia has become a defining force and is expected to contribute around USD 1 trillion to Southeast Asia’s GDP by 2030, with Indonesia projected to contribute USD 366 billion of this*. Recognizing the crucial role of AI, AI training becomes increasingly crucial to drive inclusive economic growth. To support this goal and empower workers and job seekers to improve their careers and businesses, Plan International Indonesia Foundation (Plan Indonesia) and Microsoft launched the AI TEACH for Indonesia program. 

The AI TEACH for Indonesia program is a capacity development program that aims to develop the vocational education landscape in Indonesia. As part of AI TEACH for ASEAN in collaboration with the ASEAN Foundation, AI TEACH for Indonesia aims to provide AI fluency training to 5,000 Technology Vocational Education and Training (TVET) educators across Indonesia. Using the Microsoft AI Trainer Toolkit, this program will enable educators to effectively teach AI concepts, as well as introduce students to Microsoft and LinkedIn Career Essentials in Generative AI; equipping them with essentials skills to complete courses and earn certification. 

By collaborating with local non-profit institutions, labor institutions and the government, AI TEACH for Indonesia will first begin by providing training for 5,000 TVET teachers (training of trainers). Then, TVET trainers will cascade AI skills training to 300,000 vocational school students and accompany at least 60,000 students to obtain completion certification. The hope is that students can get better jobs and educational opportunities while positively changing the vocational education system by integrating AI skills that suit industry needs.   

“Plan Indonesia is committed to ensuring that the ability to utilize artificial intelligence (AI) can be mastered by all, including vocational school teachers and students, especially those from vulnerable families. “In line with our commitment to provide access to employment for young people, especially women, in the coming year, we will work together with teachers and vocational education institutions to prepare them for the digital world of work,” said Dini Widiastuti, Executive Director of Plan Indonesia. 

To support training-of-trainers, a national hackathon will also be held in Indonesia. This hackathon aims to increase enthusiasm among educators to integrate their expertise in Generative AI into teaching methods. Following that, there will be a Southeast Asian vocational education policy roundtable session on AI to invite policy makers, AI experts, and non-profit institutions to share experiences and best practices. 

Dharma Simorangkir, President Director of Microsoft Indonesia said, “We are very pleased to be working with Plan Indonesia to ensure that more individuals in Indonesia have the skills needed to thrive in the AI era. Together, we will work to close the skills gap, provide opportunities for success, create new AI-based economic value, and empower the entrepreneurs of tomorrow—starting today.” 

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