JERA and Microsoft Partner to Create More Efficient and Sustainable Power Plant Operations

JERA and Microsoft Partner to Create More Efficient and Sustainable Power Plant Operations

JERA Co., Ltd.
Microsoft Corporation

JERA and Microsoft have formed a strategic partnership to develop and provide innovative cloud solutions for the energy industry that improve operational efficiency and reduce the negative environmental impact of power plants. The aim of the partnership is to accelerate the workstyle transformation, tackle global energy challenges and help realize a more sustainable society.

Through this partnership, the companies will expand JERA’s Digital Power Plant (DPP) solutions package and the energy industry’s workstyle transformation. They will also contribute to solving the world’s energy challenges within the framework of JERA’s “JERA Zero Emission 2050” objective. Major components of the partnership include co-developing innovative Operation & Maintenance (O&M) solutions, establishing a joint operational structure, and jointly enabling customer success.

Digital Power Plant Co-development
The co-development of new O&M solutions will leverage Microsoft’s cloud and AI technologies, inclusive of Generative AI and Azure Digital Twins, along with JERA’s operator technologies (power plant data and knowledge) and operational know-how, to improve operational efficiency through enhancing performance and minimizing downtime of efficient power plants which also cuts down on CO2 emissions and reduces its environmental impact. Through this initiative, the companies will apply an innovative application of the Generative AI-based enterprise knowledge advisory system integrated with Industrial Metaverse in power plant operations to dramatically improve asset management efficiency in an asset-heavy sector. The prototype will be introduced at JERA’s Anegasaki Thermal Power Station to demonstrate its effectiveness and will ultimately be made available to customers.

Digital Acceleration Office (DAO)
A joint operational office (the “Digital Acceleration Office”) will be established to accelerate innovation in the energy sector. The DAO will endeavor to develop new innovative solutions and business models capable of delivering more resilient and efficient power plant operations which enhance power supply stability, contribute to JERA Zero Emission 2050 and generally help to build a sustainable society.

Enabling Customer Success
The companies will offer solutions to each other’s customers through JERA’s years of industry expertise and Microsoft’s extensive cloud network and diverse partner ecosystem. Through the provision of innovative solutions, the companies will contribute to solving global energy challenges and transforming the energy industry’s workstyle with a focus on Asia.

“JERA is excited to partner with Microsoft and we look forward to working with them to develop solutions capable of responding to global energy challenges while revolutionizing energy industry workstyles”, said Yukio Kani, JERA Global CEO. “The incorporation of innovative digital software such as Generate AI and Azure Digital Twins will enable JERA DPP to accelerate its efforts to realize a next-generation O&M power plant model. I am confident that the solutions developed through this collaboration will in time play a pivotal role in transforming power plant operation within the wider industry.”

“Our partnership with JERA is essential to accelerating the energy transition across industries and geographies,” said Darryl Willis, Microsoft CVP of Energy & Resources Industry. “By combining JERA’s decades of industry expertise and Microsoft’s innovative cloud and AI technology, we can help address complex energy challenges together.”

About JERA
JERA’s DPP group aggregates power plant equipment and operator data within the cloud to generate real-time operational and equipment information. This can be combined with market data to facilitate real-time decision making. In addition to further enhancing its historic competence in thermal power generation, JERA aims to achieve decarbonization in the medium- to long-term by utilizing digital technology to combine renewable energy with low-carbon thermal power. By constructing a clean energy supply infrastructure and marketing its solutions in Asia and elsewhere, JERA aims to enhance its enterprise value while contributing to sustainable global growth.

About Microsoft
Microsoft is committed to supporting all customers in their effective efforts toward net zero. Microsoft partners with customers and partners to solve unique challenges of the energy industry and drive realization of a sustainable future by leveraging cutting-edge digital solutions.