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EventDay leverages Microsoft Azure to streamline conferences for organizers and attendees
Oct. 28, 2014
Scott Cate founded EventDayon the .NET platform and has since scaled it across platforms and devices using Microsoft Azure Mobile Services. This has helped him cater to the needs of thousands of conferences that have up to thousands of attendees.

JumpStart moves games to Microsoft Azure to improve reach and gameplay and adds two new games
Sept. 03, 2014
Timed with several new games, JumpStart migrated its most popular titles to Microsoft Azure to support their massive gaming needs, without disrupting their customers’ gaming experience.

Toronto-based developer will leverage Windows 8.1 features to more deeply engage gamers
Aug. 27, 2014
After two years of publishing their games on Windows platforms, Onome Igharoro, co-founder of Toronto-based Sterling Games Inc., and his partner, Steve Fernandes, are now porting their games to Windows 8.1.

Music industry professional Brian Mulligan helps Jamestown Revival fans connect via universal Windows app built with App Studio
Aug. 20, 2014
Brian Mulligan manages bands’ tours, and their show schedules. In the course of his work, he became concerned about the fragmentation of his bands’ identity across the myriad social media properties fans visit today.

Helping enterprises & IT Professionals be more efficient with Windows Phone 8.1
June 25, 2014
Peter Nowak and Lars Keller, Microsoft MVPs, recently ported their apps to Windows Phone 8.1. to help enterprises increase their IT efficiency and productivity.

Zattoo TV launches Live TV Universal Windows App
June 11, 2014
Zattoo TV, Europe’s largest provider of live web-based TV, is one of Microsoft’s first partners to launch a universal Windows application, available today.

Magma Mobile garners 2.5 million downloads in 3 months on Windows Phone
March 12, 2014
Magma Mobile takes advantage of Microsoft’s app porting tools, ports 14 games to Windows Phone

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