July 30, 2014
What would you ask Bill Gates? Imagine Cup teams reveal their answers

Tuesday night was the eve of the finalists’ first day of competition. One lucky Imagine Cup World Champion wins an hour with Microsoft Founder and Technology Advisor Bill Gates. We went around the world in an hour talking to students from 10 countries and asked them: What one question would you ask Bill Gates?

November 18, 2013
Watch Bill Gates envision the future of computing in this video from 1995

The classic video is worth a look in its own right, but as Microsoft’s Jon C. Arnold notes, “There’s a lot in common between Bill’s speech” and what attendees are likely to hear at next week’s OpenText conference. Watch the video, then read Arnold’s post to learn more about what’s in store for next week.

July 15, 2013
Bill Gates: 2013 Microsoft Research Faculty Summit

Microsoft Chairman Bill Gates shares his thoughts on computing’s impact on society, and fields questions from the audience at the 2013 Microsoft Research Faculty Summit. Rick Rashid, chief research officer of Microsoft, moderates the discussion. Redmond, Wash. July 15, 2013