August 6, 2014
Partners: Cloud Profitability Program training series helps you understand the cloud and its benefits

In a blog post, Burke Fewel, director of Partner Capability Development Management, writes that part one of the five-blog series looks at the “change imperative” for moving to the cloud. “In the first video module, you’ll learn about the growing cloud opportunity, review traditional business models and learn to identify how your revenue streams may evolve as you shift to the cloud,” he writes.

July 28, 2014
The cloud is becoming the hub of the emerging intelligent data ecosystem

“As we embed more and more sensors and intelligent devices into our infrastructure, this intelligent data ecosystem evolves into the Internet of your Things to create business models that are far different than today’s largely static information architectures,” Jon C. Arnold writes in a blog post.

July 16, 2014
What companies need to know as the cloud becomes the new normal

By 2017, public cloud IT spending will reach close to $108 billion — five times the growth of the IT industry overall — and the best thing enterprise companies can do is to get ready now. “Cloud won’t be a trend any longer, it will be the new norm,” writes Diane Golshan on the Microsoft Partner Network blog. “Now is the time to invest and position yourself for the future.”

July 14, 2014
Partners can move customers to the cloud with new Microsoft Cloud Solution Provider program

“Partners in this program will be able to directly provision customer subscriptions and provide one monthly bill for both Partner and Microsoft services,” writes John Case, vice president of marketing for Microsoft Office, in a blog post. “They will also directly manage their customer subscriptions with in-product tools in the Partner Admin Center and own the technical support relationship.”