June 13, 2014
Who ‘won’ at E3? The gamers, says Phil Spencer, head of Xbox

E3 2014, held this week, was “incredibly special,” writes Phil Spencer, head of Xbox, in a blog post. “We saw amazing games from innovative creators, developed for Xbox, Sony and Nintendo. Some people have asked who ‘won’ this week and the answer is simple – the gamers. It’s wonderful to see our industry healthy and delivering what we all want – great games.”

June 12, 2014
In ‘Battlefield Hardline,’ you’ll want to play nicely with others

At E3 2014, the demo for “Battlefield Hardline” showed that the cops-and-robbers dynamic of the game “changes the flavor of it all,” writes Xbox Wire. “There’s something different about a war scenario versus a heist, even if ultimately your goals (shoot everyone, deliver package) are the same.”