Techcombank in Vietnam adopts a new way of work for 12,000 employees with Microsoft 365

 |   Microsoft Vietnam Communications

Techcombank leads the way in Vietnam by embracing digital transformation to stay resilient in the face of uncertainties and challenges caused by the pandemic.

The world has completely changed over the last two years and many companies found themselves completely unprepared in maintaining their business operations. Movement and social restrictions led to interrupted transactions, communications and customer engagement became fragmented on multiple platforms, which increased risks associated with data security, synchronization, and management.

Other organizations were able to adapt quickly. These leaders in digital innovation and transformation were one step ahead in switching from a traditional working environment to a modern and flexible one. Technology and cloud adoption ensured operational continuity, connected employees, and maintained customer engagements, enabling them to adapt and recover from a crisis while maintaining and improving their performance.

Distant but not disconnected

As a pioneer in banking innovation and modernization, Techcombank is always one of the first to adopt leading technology trends to enhance productivity and experience for employees and customers. Its motto is a great customer experience starts with a great employee experience. Techcombank built a modern and flexible working environment by adopting the agile working model.

So when the pandemic first broke out in Vietnam, Techcombank’s employees were able to quickly and easily transition to remote work, without impacting business operations. When it looked like the pandemic wasn’t going to end soon, Techcombank’s leaders made the decision to accelerate the next phase of their digital transformation process: which is to enhance the employee experience, service quality, and business efficiency.

“Techcombank had successfully applied the Agile model in its initiatives, strategies, and day-to-day tasks. However, the Agile model, in the context of Covid-19, requires us to work together at a higher level so that 12,000 Techcomers across the country can effectively and securely connect with each other. Microsoft 365 has proved to be useful in helping us to do so as well as to give us the level of flexibility we need. Preparation and flexibility are the key to our unceasing customer service and stable business activities.”, said Nguyen Anh Tuan, Chief Information Officer, Techcombank.

Free up 25% of employees’ time

With Microsoft 365, Techcomers only need one platform for all their daily tasks, from email communicating, scheduling, meeting, to data sharing. In addition to tools such as email, calendar, collaboration applications, office applications (Word, Excel, Powerpoint, etc.), Microsoft 365 also includes a wide range of artificial intelligence powered analysis features, one of which is Microsoft Viva.

Microsoft Viva helps Techcombank staff find related documents for a meeting, gives them suggestions about how time should be spent based on everyday data, and allow them to access any information, such as email data, calendar, contacts, etc. or delete them, from any devices, to ensure the confidential documents stay protected.

As remote work becomes increasingly popular and is predicted to remain prominent even after the pandemic ends, security risks continue to be a growing concern. Email spam is a headache for many users and can pose a real threat when users accidentally click the dangerous links embedded within, causing data loss. Microsoft anti-spam protection can help reduce these risks by up to 99.99%, guaranteeing information security for all Techcombank employees.

Timothy Kyle, Chief Transformation Officer, Techcombank, shares: “I have used Microsoft 365 before and had a great experience. Microsoft 365 allows us to use data, collaborate, and even exchange data with third-party providers, all securely. Security is an essential aspect of any business. Especially as a bank, we must ensure that all customer information is safe with us.”

The use of Microsoft Teams, as part of Microsoft 365, has dramatically increased work efficiency for all Techcombank employees, with employees appreciating that they can connect and exchange information with colleagues anytime, anywhere, without worrying about data storage because everything is automatically stored and synchronized across devices. In addition, Microsoft 365 Onedrive provides users with more online storage space, up to 1TB per user. With Microsoft Teams, Techcomers can save up to 25% of their daily time compared to when they used other collaboration tools.

As digital adoption becomes popular, having excellent customer experience, especially in FSI, will require flexible, scalable and an integrated collaboration platform.

“Technology is playing an important role more than ever, not only in supporting the business growth but also in differentiating the business itself from other competitors in the marketplace. Microsoft is proud to be a partner in the transformation of Techcombank. We believe that Microsoft 365 will not only provide an all-in-one application but also create an entire working ecosystem for more than 12,000 Techcombank employees and contribute to the further success of its Cloud First strategy,” said Phung Viet Thang, Sales Director, Microsoft Vietnam. 

Techcombank recently become the only private joint-stock commercial bank to be named in the Top 10 Vietnam Strong Brands 2021 with the ranking criteria like innovation, digital transformation, business restructuring, and corporate governance model that meet the market’s needs. Techcombank is also recognized as “the Best Place to Work in Vietnam and Asia” – having won the accolade several years in a row.