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Former OFW turns entrepreneur and champion for OFW advocacy

At first glance, Myrna Padilla, with her easygoing attitude and bright personality, wouldn’t strike you as a person who has been through a lot of hardships. Myrna exudes an aura of brilliance and learnedness only years of experience and wisdom can bring. Myrna Padilla is the founder of MYND Consulting, … Read more »

10 things you didn’t know about coding


Every young person should have the opportunity to learn computer science, giving them the power to create with technology. The goal of computer science education is not, necessarily, for everyone to become a computer scientist or a software engineer. Learning this foundational subject matter allows them to develop the computational-thinking … Read more »

Memo to 2016 hopefuls: Filipinos deserve faster, stable Internet

‘The benefits of faster and reliable Internet access are immense and obvious, yet politicians and the government have done very little about it’ Written by Eduardo Araral and Lourdes Montenegroi Professor Araral at the launch of the ICT Manifesto to public and private stakeholders This coming election, politicians will again … Read more »

Microsoft Philippines announces Technology Manifesto on ICT for Shared Prosperity to drive economic progress in the Philippines


From L-R: George Barcelon, Philippine Chamber of Commerce and Industry, Chair for Services; John Forbes, American Chamber of Commerce, Senior Adviser; Guillermo Luz, National Competitiveness Council, Co-Chairman; Eddie Dorotan, Galing Pook Foundation, Executive Director; Czarina Medina-Guce, Union of Local Authorities of the Philippines, Executive Director; Karrie Ilagan, Microsoft Philippines, General … Read more »

A New Era of Windows 10 Devices from Microsoft

Microsoft Corp. unveiled new Surface, Lumia and Microsoft Band devices, taking advantage of powerful and versatile hardware to unlock new Windows 10 experiences, including fast and secured login with Windows Hello1; new Cortana2 experiences that turn Windows 10 devices into a personal assistant; improved touch and pen experiences on Surface; … Read more »