Microsoft Makes $250,000 Donation to Assist Law Schools…

, Feb. 8, 1996 — Microsoft Corp. announced the donation of $250,000 worth of Microsoft® Office Professional for the Windows®
95 operating system to members of the Association of American Law Schools (AALS). The donation will enable law schools to upgrade application software in their student computer labs at a time when computers are becoming increasingly important in many lawyers’ business activities. The donation of Office for Windows 95 reflects Microsoft’s commitment to providing industry-leading applications to institutions of higher education and the legal community.

“Many schools are investigating new ways to integrate the practical use of technology into their curricula,”
said Carl C. Monk, executive director of AALS.
“Law firms today want graduates who have computer skills on the leading software applications.”
AALS is very enthusiastic about Microsoft’s donation and the opportunity it provides law school students to learn and develop their skills on state-of-the-art technology. According to Monk, more than 60 schools asked to participate in the program within the first two weeks after the offer was announced.

The inspiration for the donation grew out of successful implementation of Microsoft Office for Windows 95 at Campbell University, a small law school in North Carolina. As an early user of Office 95, Rick Rodgers, Campbell law school professor and technical editor for The Perfect Lawyer Newsletter, decided to offer an elective computer course on Office for Windows 95 last fall. Enrollment expectations were surpassed, and more classes were added to meet student demand.
“The response to the class was tremendous,”
said Rodgers.
“Our classes focus on using the power of Office for Windows 95 to increase the quality and speed of routine legal-document preparation as well as on tasks that include financial analysis, contact management and presentation techniques. We are thrilled to graduate students with these real-world legal service delivery skills. It’s remarkable how quickly you can see the difference technology can make when it is placed squarely in the hands of a lawyer.”

Since the formal announcement of the software donation at the AALS national convention, held in San Antonio, Texas, Jan. 3-6, requests from member schools have been strong.
“The frontier of legal automation has moved beyond the walls of law firm word-processing centers, and beyond the walls of law firms themselves,”
said Henry H. Perritt Jr., law professor, Villanova University School of Law.
“Both Microsoft and Villanova Law School have been pioneers in different aspects of this new environment for learning, practicing and reforming law. Microsoft’s generous grant of Office for Windows 95 should be the beginning of a useful synergy to adapt computing and networking to the needs of law students, law professors, practicing lawyers, judges and legislators.”

For law schools seeking more information on this offer, a dedicated home page on the World Wide Web ( is available under the
“What’s New”

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