ActiveX Extensions for Internet Are the Focus for Visual C++ Version 4.1 Subscription Edition

SAN FRANCISCO, March 12, 1996 — Microsoft Corp. today announced to an audience of several thousand developers at the Internet Professional Developers Conference the release of the Microsoft® Visual C++®
development system set version 4.1, the latest subscription update to Visual C++. Developed to bring subscribers the latest innovative C++ technology, this release includes new support for the Microsoft ActiveX
Server extension which supports the Internet Information Server (IIS), new third-party ActiveX Controls, and performance enhancements for managing large projects. Visual C++ 4.1 delivers reusable components through Custom AppWizards, ActiveX Controls and Microsoft Foundation Classes (MFC) 4.1, which allow developers to rapidly create feature-rich applications. This update includes support for the Windows NT
™and Windows®
95 operating systems.

“Visual C++ 4.1 provides our subscribers with the very latest C++ and MFC features, including Internet support, which they can turn into a competitive advantage for themselves,”
said Denis Gilbert, languages manager of the Internet platform and tools division at Microsoft.

New Internet Features

The following new features have been added to support application development that targets the Internet and World Wide Web:

  • New MFC classes for ActiveX Servers creating interactive Web applications using Microsoft Internet Server API (ISAPI). ISAPI provides an improvement over the alternative method of creating Internet server applications using common gateway interface (CGI). Using these classes, developers can easily create ActiveX Server applications by adding functionality to Internet servers and Web pages.

  • ISAPI Extension Wizard, which makes it easy to create Internet server extensions and filters. The ISAPI Extension Wizard was built using the Custom AppWizard technology and is available in the New Project Workspace dialog box.

  • Virtual reality modeling language (VRML) support from Template Graphics Software through a Custom AppWizard and ActiveX Controls. Using these components, developers can easily create Internet applications capable of real-time, three-dimensional walk-throughs on the Web.

  • Developer Studio Web Favorites, which lets developers access their favorite World Wide Web sites from within Developer Studio. Using the Web Favorites command on the Help menu, developers can go to one of the preloaded Microsoft Web sites for Visual C++ developer support or to one of their own custom sites.

New Enhancements in Version 4.1

Along with the many new Internet features, Visual C++ version 4.1 includes new
third-party ActiveX Controls, provides improved performance when working with large projects, and ships with the Games Software Development Kit (SDK).

Eleven leading vendors of ActiveX Controls have worked in cooperation with the Microsoft Visual C++ team to deliver fully functional, fully redistributable controls as part of the Visual C++ 4.1 release. These ActiveX Controls offer a wide range of reusable functionality that helps simplify application development.

“In our own C++ development, the use of ActiveX Controls has already provided significant benefits,”
said Donald Preuninger, vice president of development at ProtoView Development Corp.
“Using Microsoft Developer Studio in version 4.1, there is excellent support for ActiveX Controls technology. I think this is very positive and welcome for C++ developers. It enables them to have the increased productivity enjoyed by those using 4GL languages.”

Microsoft has fine-tuned the project management and build system in Visual C++
version 4.1 for better management of large projects. Enhancements include reduced project loading times and debugger start times as well as improved settings management and overall responsiveness.

The Games SDK ships with version 4.1. The SDK provides game developers with the tools necessary to create exciting, high-performance games for the Windows 95 operating system.

Visual C++ version 4.1 also includes compiler and debugger support for the new Intel®
technology that provides improved performance for richer multimedia and communications applications.

Microsoft Mastering Series

Developers can also take advantage of the newest title in the Microsoft Mastering Series. Like the other titles in the series, Mastering Visual C++ is an interactive training CD-ROM designed to help experienced developers keep up with the latest technologies from Microsoft. With Mastering Visual C++, developers can examine how to create and use OLE objects using MFC or get instruction on how to build database applications in MFC.

Each of the Mastering titles features more than 40 hours of demonstrations, interactive lab exercises, extensive sample code and expert video clips. A flexible searching tool allows the developer to focus on specific topics necessary to the application he or she is currently building.

Pricing and Availability

Microsoft Visual C++ is the only Microsoft development tool that provides customers with releases three times a year. These releases ensure that developers continue to have access to the latest enhancements to MFC classes, new sample code, updated compiler and more technical samples. Nonsubscribers can receive this release by licensing the Visual C++ Subscription product.

Current subscribers of Visual C++ will automatically receive Visual C++ 4.1 as part of their subscription. For new users, the Visual C++ Subscription Edition is available for approximately $499. Users of all previous versions of Microsoft Visual C++ can upgrade to Visual C++ Subscription Edition for approximately $299. Users of competitive products can upgrade to Visual C++ Subscription Edition for approximately $349. Mastering Visual C++ is available now for approximately $99.95.

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