Microsoft Access Upsizing Tools Gives Developers Path To Microsoft SQL Server 6.5

REDMOND, Wash., April 15, 1996 — Microsoft® Access Upsizing Tools for the Windows®
95 operating system, an update to the popular tool originally released in January 1995, is now available at no charge to developers working with Microsoft Access. With Microsoft Access Upsizing Tools, developers can create solutions in Microsoft Access and then upsize them by moving their database to Microsoft SQL Server
. This capability lets developers combine the strengths of both Microsoft Access and Microsoft SQL Server. Microsoft Access is an ideal tool for creating easy-to-use database solutions quickly, while Microsoft SQL Server is a powerful and secure database server that is scalable to many hardware platforms.

Microsoft Access Upsizing Tools automatically converts Microsoft Access validation rules and defaults to Microsoft SQL Server equivalents. It maintains table relationships and referential integrity after upsizing. In addition, developers will be able to preserve their database structure, including data, indexes, defaults and counters. Upsizing from Microsoft Access 95 to Microsoft SQL Server version 4.21, version 6.0 and the newly released Microsoft SQL Server 6.5 are all supported options.

“The success of Microsoft Access means there are a variety of Microsoft Access-based solutions out there that are candidates for upsizing,”
said Tod Nielsen, Microsoft Access business unit manager at Microsoft Corp.
“Solutions in which the number of users has grown or security requirements have become more stringent would benefit from moving to the client-server model. Microsoft Access Upsizing Tools provides developers with a scalable solution that lets them deploy solutions in Microsoft Access rapidly and inexpensively; then, as requirements change, they can move easily to Microsoft SQL Server.”

With Microsoft Access Upsizing Tools, developers will be able to work with Microsoft SQL Server objects directly from Microsoft Access. By using the Microsoft SQL Server Browser, developers can control Microsoft SQL Server from Microsoft Access, which allows them to create new Microsoft SQL Server tables and redesign existing ones from Microsoft Access. Developers will also be able to perform ad-hoc SQL queries and view the results in Microsoft Access.

Microsoft Access for Windows 95, designed to take advantage of both Windows 95 and the Windows NT®
network operating system, delivers significant innovations to help make databases easier to use, more powerful and more flexible for all levels of users, from novices to database developers.

Microsoft SQL Server version 6.5 is a scalable, high-performance database management system designed specifically for distributed client-server computing. Its built-in data replication, powerful management tools and open system architecture provide a superior platform for delivering cost-effective information solutions for organizations of all sizes.

Pricing and Availability

Microsoft Access Upsizing Tools for Windows 95 is available at no charge and can be downloaded from the World Wide Web ( and other online locations. Microsoft Access Upsizing Tools is scheduled be added to the Microsoft Developer Network Library CD in mid-1996.

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