Microsoft Launches Microsoft Internet Explorer 3.0 With Exclusive, Free Content Offers From Top Web Sites

Microsoft PressPass – Microsoft Launches Microsoft Internet Explorer 3.0 With Exclusive, Free Content Offers From Top Web Sites

REDMOND, Wash., Aug. 13, 1996 — Microsoft Corp. today announced a better way to experience the Internet with the release of Microsoft® Internet Explorer version 3.0 to the World Wide Web. Microsoft Internet Explorer 3.0, available for download at no charge, enables users to view the next generation in rich and exciting Web content, communicate and collaborate with friends around the world, and personalize their surfing experience. To encourage users to try Microsoft Internet Explorer 3.0 and the latest in exciting, activated Web sites, Microsoft, in conjunction with a number of content providers, is offering free access (connect charges may apply) to popular content such as that from ESPNET SportsZone and The Wall Street Journal Interactive Edition, and exclusive access to content on sites such as Hollywood Online.

“Microsoft Internet Explorer 3.0 brings users a superior way to experience all of the exciting, dynamic content on the Web and provides a launch point for industry innovation,”
said Bill Gates, chairman and CEO of Microsoft.
“For example, leading sites such as ESPNET SportsZone, The Wall Street Journal Interactive Edition and MTV Online have been designed for Microsoft Internet Explorer and are creating content that is a step ahead of anything on the Internet today.”

Microsoft Internet Explorer 3.0 Users Offered Free Content

Seven of the most popular Web sites introduced exclusive content offers available between now and the end of December only to users of Microsoft Internet Explorer 3.0:

  • ESPNET SportsZone. A free trial subscription (over a $20 value) to premium content areas on ESPNET SportsZone,recently ranked the Web’s most-visited content site. The premium areas deliver special news, analysis, statistics and interactive applications ( .

  • Hollywood Online. Exclusive access to entertainment content in Hollywood Online’s
    “Explore Hollywood.”
    Only Microsoft Internet Explorer 3.0 users can experience a behind-the-scenes look at popular movie and television show productions by accessing the Explore Backstage area. Microsoft Internet Explorer 3.0 users also will have exclusive access to entertainment-themed multimedia games in the Game Zone area ( .

  • Recommendations from Wall Street analysts, at no charge (over a $40 value). is the leading stock quote and financial information service on the Internet ( .

  • MicroWarehouse. Free merchandise, including Windows® 95 operating system-based games to download, discounted software, free magazine trial subscriptions and even one month of free online access (a $350 overall value) ( .

  • MTV Online. Brings users to the 1996 Republican and Democratic national conventions, where they can chat with celebrities, question political candidates and public figures, see real-time pictures, and receive special reports from the convention floor. All of this is possible through exclusive access to MTV Online’s
    “Choose or Lose”
    real-time site, an area designed specifically for Microsoft Internet Explorer 3.0 users ( .

  • Riddler is the leading Web site for competitive skill games with major prizes (cars, computers and more) awarded on an ongoing basis. Microsoft Internet Explorer 3.0 users will have exclusive access to some games – beginning with Aha! – that are built on ActiveX
    technologies and which bring new levels of interactivity to gaming on the Web ( .

  • The Wall Street Journal Interactive Edition. Free trial subscription to The Wall Street Journal Interactive Edition (over a $20 value). The Interactive Edition features continuously updated coverage of business news both in the United States and abroad ( .

“With the advanced technologies available in Internet Explorer, we can really bring an interactive feel to our content on the Web,”
said Neil Budde, editor of The Wall Street Journal Interactive Edition.
“We are always looking to provide our online subscribers the best experience, and Microsoft Internet Explorer 3.0 users get to view it all for free.”

Our ESPNET SportsZone premium service features some of the world’s most exciting and complex Java
™Applets for sports fans,”
said Patrick Naughton, senior vice president and CTO at Starwave Corp.

Microsoft Internet Explorer has proven to have the best-quality, highest-performance Java implementation, as well as clean integration with ActiveX Technologies such as the ActiveMovie
™API for our video highlights. Our relationship with Microsoft will allow all users of Microsoft Internet Explorer 3.0 to access to these exciting technologies.”

Hundreds of Sites Webwide Adopt Active Content

Microsoft Internet Explorer 3.0 and the new active Internet Web sites were unveiled at a premiere party at the Center for the Arts in San Francisco last night, hosted by Gates and attended by leading industry executives. The launch of Microsoft Internet Explorer 3.0 is being celebrated in 17 cities with free content and special promotions with more than 35 local ActiveX partner sites. Complete details of local promotions can be found at .com/ie/.

Leading companies have already activated their sites based on the technology in Microsoft Internet Explorer 3.0, and there are already 300 active content sites on the Web as of launch. The following sites were demonstrated at the Microsoft Internet Explorer 3.0 launch last night (see attached list for URLs): Bacon Brothers, Blue Marble Advanced Communications Group, Charles Schwab, C|NET.COM, FTD, Family Planet, HotWired, Intel Corp., Mr. Showbiz, Napa Valley Wineries, The Nature Conservancy of Washington,, Premiere Mag, Prevue Online, PythOnline, Sunny Delight, TravelWeb and Virgin Records.

Developer support for ActiveX Technologies continues to grow at a rapid pace. Over 140,000 developers have expressed interest in the Microsoft Site Builders ActiveX Web developer support program since it launched only three weeks ago, and thousands more developers are signing in each day. Developers use ActiveX to make Web sites come alive using multimedia effects, interactive objects and sophisticated applications, creating a user experience comparable to that of high-quality CD-ROM titles. To help developers get the most out of Microsoft Internet Explorer 3.0 and ActiveX, Microsoft has published a gallery of active content. It is accessible from the Web Gallery toolbar button in Microsoft Internet Explorer 3.0, or on the Web at .

Microsoft Internet Explorer 3.0 Broadly Available

Microsoft Internet Explorer will be distributed by major online services and Internet service providers (ISPs) worldwide, including America Online Inc., AT & T Corp., CompuServe Inc., EUnet International and EUnet Germany, France Telecom Interactive, MCI Communications Corp., Netcom On-Line Communications Services Inc. and UUNET Technologies Inc. In addition, more than 2,500 other ISPs will distribute Microsoft Internet Explorer with their offerings. Microsoft Internet Explorer 3.0 will also be included with the next OEM Service Release of Windows 95 supplied to computer manufacturers.

“America Online was the first major online service to commit to offering Microsoft Internet Explorer as the standard browser for its millions of customers,”
said Steve Case, chairman and CEO of America Online.
“With the launch of Microsoft Internet Explorer 3.0, our customers will be a step ahead as they access the World Wide Web. As always, we will continue to deliver the best technology to our members, resulting in the most compelling online experience.”

In addition to the English language version launched today, Microsoft Internet Explorer 3.0 and included components are available this week in Brazilian Portugese, French, German, Japanese, Italian and Spanish. Microsoft Internet Explorer 3.0 is scheduled to be available in 27 languages within weeks of launch, offering the broadest international support of any browser.

Microsoft also announced plans for comprehensive cross-platform support for Microsoft Internet Explorer 3.0. Versions for Macintosh® , UNIX® and Windows 3.1 are scheduled to enter beta testing shortly, and to ship by the end of the year. Microsoft’s highly praised Web browser for the Macintosh, Microsoft Internet Explorer 2.1 for the Macintosh, is scheduled to ship this week. Microsoft Internet Explorer 2.1 for Windows 3.1 is scheduled to enter beta testing later this month.

Users a Step Ahead With Microsoft Internet Explorer 3.0

Microsoft Internet Explorer 3.0 gives users a better, more exciting way to browse the Internet, and it offers developers the most technically advanced platform for creating Web sites. Innovative Internet conferencing, collaboration and browser customization support give Microsoft Internet Explorer 3.0 the richest feature set of any browser while still offering an easy-to-use and personalized Internet experience.

The exclusive combination of advanced features in Microsoft Internet Explorer 3.0 includes the following:

  • Communication features and Microsoft NetMeeting. Microsoft NetMeeting
    conferencing software for real-time Internet phone, multiuser data conferencing and application sharing also shipped in final form today in conjunction with Microsoft Internet Explorer 3.0. NetMeeting supports international standards and provides true multiuser application sharing and conferencing, enabling two or more users to call family and friends the world over or work together in real time. Mail and news software also jumps to a new level of power and easy use. Users can now format their e-mail with the richness of HTML. They can quickly download newsgroup listings and content for more productive and cost-effective newsgroup use. Comic Chat, a comic-strip style chat client, makes Internet chats even more fun.

  • Multimedia and active content features. Microsoft Internet Explorer 3.0 enables users to see the latest and best content on the Web. It is the only browser supporting the latest HTML 3.2 and Cascading Style Sheets Specification, more than 1,000 ActiveX Controls, ActiveX Documents (to share and view existing documents on the Web or an intranet) and the fastest performance for Java Applets. Microsoft Internet Explorer 3.0 is also compatible with plug-ins designed to Netscape
    Navigator’s proprietary interface. Exclusive ActiveMovie technology delivers playback of all popular multimedia formats and sets a new bar for quality by adding support for TV-quality MPEG video and CD-quality MPEG audio. RealAudio, Shockwave and VRML support, as well as DirectX
    API-based hardware acceleration, complement ActiveMovie to deliver the best and easiest multimedia experience on the Web.

  • Easy use and customization features. Users can personalize Microsoft Internet Explorer 3.0 by placing links to their favorite Web sites directly onto the Quick Links toolbar, moving and turning toolbars on or off, and resizing toolbars at will. An easier-to-navigate Favorites menu easily organizes favorite Web sites. Parents can take control of what their children view on the Web on sites which support industry-standard Web site ratings. Corporate managers can customize and manage Microsoft Internet Explorer 3.0 to match the look and needs of their companies. An exclusive arrangement with Yahoo! Inc. enables users to search the Web by simply typing key words or phrases into Microsoft Internet Explorer’s Address bar.

Microsoft Internet Explorer version 3.0 is available now for no-charge downloading over the Internet at Microsoft’s Web site, . To view an active version of this press release and other Microsoft Internet Explorer 3.0 launch materials, including partner releases, visit .

Founded in 1975, Microsoft (NASDAQ
) is the worldwide leader in software for personal computers. The company offers a wide range of products and services for business and personal use, each designed with the mission of making it easier and more enjoyable for people to take advantage of the full power of personal computing every day.

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Netscape is a trademark of Netscape Communications Corp.

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