Windows 95 Storms Last Bastion of MS-DOS-Based Applications – Games!

REDMOND, Wash., Oct. 10, 1996 — Where can you put your trivia knowledge and ego to the test, fight hand to hand against the ultimate evil, solve puzzles in a twisted world made of clay, explore alien mysteries and practice your truck racing skills? Only on the Microsoft® Windows® 95 operating system, and only with Games Sampler 2 for Windows 95. Today, Microsoft Corp. shipped Games Sampler 2 for Windows 95, a CD containing 20 playable game demos from 14 renowned independent game vendors. From strategy to role-playing, family fun to simulation, the Games Sampler 2 shows off the breadth of support for Windows 95 in the games industry.

“We expect to see 80 percent of the top PC games be compatible with Windows 95,”
said Dr. John Latta, president of 4th Wave, a market research firm.
“DOS is breathing its last breath in the PC gaming world.”

“All the top PC games vendors are developing and releasing games on Windows 95,”
said Jonathan Roberts, director of Windows marketing at Microsoft.

In fact, we will see a tidal wave of new Windows 95-based games hitting the marketplace in time for the holiday season. The titles, along with the sampler itself, really show off DirectX
™, the technology that makes Windows 95 the premier gaming platform.”

Providing the DirectX API, a set of high-performance graphics, 3-D, sound, networking and input technologies, Windows 95 offers software developers a broad set of comprehensive, device-independent services.

“The Games Sampler is a great way for Microsoft to showcase software vendors who are using DirectX to take their content to the next level,”
said Eric Engstrom, group program manager, DirectX technology at Microsoft.
“With an estimated 300 Windows 95-based games titles expected for the holiday season, it is evident that software vendors are really behind our DirectX technology.”

Games developers can consistently provide their customers with an incredibly rich and realistic gaming experience.

Following are vendors and titles included in the Games Sampler 2:

  • 3DO Co. – Decathlon, Killing Time, Captain Quazar

  • Activision Inc. – Time Commando

  • Berkeley Systems Inc. – YOU DON’T KNOW JACK!

  • Blizzard Entertainment – Diablo

  • DreamWorks Interactive – The Neverhood

  • Electronic Arts – Road Rash

  • Epic MegaGames Inc. – Fire Fight

  • Inscape – (HOLD ONTO YOUR) NUTS!, Drowned God, Ravage D.C.X.

  • Looking Glass Technologies Inc. – Flight Unlimited

  • Microsoft – Hellbender
    , Close Combat, Monster Truck Madness

  • Mindscape Inc. – Necrodome

  • Strategic Simulations Inc. – War Wind

  • Tsunami Media Inc. – Free Enterprise

  • Viacom New Media – DeathDrome

The Games Sampler 2 CD will retail for less than $10 (U.S.) and is scheduled to be available on store shelves in mid-October. You can also obtain ordering information about the Games Sampler 2 at .

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