Microsoft Money 97 Trial Version Attracts Quicken Users in Droves

REDMOND, Wash., Oct. 15, 1996 — Every 30 seconds a new user downloads a copy of Microsoft® Money 97. Of those users, more than 33 percent have been loyal Quicken users who have cited four key reasons for switching: They say Microsoft Money 97 is easier to use, has a more intuitive interface, provides easy conversion through the Converter Wizard, and gives them access to an unsurpassed number of banks online.

Matt Spolin, a Quicken user since 1989, downloaded the trial version of Money 97 the first day it was available and got the full product the next day.
“I’ve used Quicken for over six years, but the new version of Microsoft Money blew me away,”
he said.
“Converting my data was a snap. The mature, elegant design of the Money user interface makes it a joy to use.”

Porter Humphrey, a committed Quicken user who also downloaded the trial version and decided to acquire the full version, was convinced that Money is a better choice than Quicken.
“After testing out Money 97 rather thoroughly, I have decided to switch,”
he said.
“The program is excellent, and that interface is just too much to resist.”
Humphrey uses Money to track a number of bank accounts and investments, and said he particularly likes the feature that provides free online updates of stock prices (connect time charges may apply).

Microsoft is offering a limited-time trial of Money 97, the newest version of its personal finance software that makes it easy for home computer users to manage their money. This special promotion, which continues through Jan. 31, 1997, offers the option to download at no charge a fully functional trial version of Money 97 that works for 90 days. Users can upgrade to the retail release at any time and continue to manage their money more easily without interruption.

“Find out for yourself why so many users are switching to Money 97, and why they’re finding it so easy to convert,”
said Lewis Levin, vice president of the desktop finance division at Microsoft Corp.
“This is a breakthrough release in terms of ease of use, key functionality and online connections to financial institutions – what users have said they want.”

In addition to outstanding customer praise, in the two weeks since Microsoft launched the new version, the financial institutions with which Microsoft is working have experienced increased demand for this version of Money. At U.S. Bank, online banking sign-ups with Money 97 are 700 percent higher than during the same launch period last year. Also, First Technology Federal Credit Union has reported that demand is phenomenal. In its first week of offering the software, the credit union has already distributed more than 1,000 copies and is receiving four to six requests per hour. In addition, Open Financial Connectivity (OFC) continues to gain support within the financial services industry as financial institutions and solution providers progress in developing and implementing OFC-based home banking services for their clients and customers.

Money 97 has a variety of new features that are contributing to the success of the product with customers and financial institutions alike. The new version allows users to pay their bills faster, balance their accounts more easily, keep better track of their financial information, and answer critical questions about their financial health quickly. In addition, for the first time
Money 97 includes the Converter Wizard for Quicken that seamlessly converts Quicken data into Money. Also, with OFC technology, financial institutions can connect directly to their customers and maintain a strong relationship with them. Finally, Microsoft Money continues to garner praise from both industry writers and end users. Microsoft Money 97 has been awarded The Family Channel Seal of Quality. The seal is granted as a mark of excellence to high-quality products of value to families.

Through Jan. 31, 1997, anyone can download a copy of the trial version of Microsoft Money 97 at no charge (other than the cost of connect time, if any) from or by calling (800) 426-9400.

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