Sales Force Automation Application Developers Support Microsoft Windows CE for Handheld PCs

ATLANTA Nov. 12, 1996 Today at DCI’s Field & Sales Force Automation Conference, Microsoft Corp. announced that six leading vendors of sales force automation applications plan to support the new Microsoft® Windows® CE operating system for handheld personal computers. A 32-bit operating system, Windows

CE allows handheld personal computers to run key applications, communicate with each other, share information with Windows-based desktop PCs and connect to the Internet.

Aurum Software Inc., Borealis Software Corp., Dendrite International Inc., Goldmine Software Corp., Symantec Corp. and The Vantive Corp. are developing Windows CE-based solutions that will streamline and improve the productivity of mobile professionals. By using a standard communications link, sales representatives can download their customer database and other important selling information from their desktop computer into their mobile, Windows CE-based handheld PC. With this information – literally, at their fingertips – their sales process becomes more efficient and cost-effective. At the end of the day, they can easily upload new sales data into their corporate systems.

“Windows CE, as a platform for mobile salespeople, is an important part of our strategy for the sales force automation market,”
said Matt Ragen, worldwide marketing manager for the customer management market at Microsoft.
“Windows CE raises the bar for the type of information systems that salespeople want to have with them when they are in the field because it will help make it easier to bring sales information to customers. Plus, applications will look the same on their handheld PC and on their office computer, helping increase salespeople’s productivity.”

Microsoft Windows CE provides an easy-to-learn user interface for the handheld PC that incorporates many elements of the familiar Windows user interface. It comes equipped with companion applications that work with the personal information management and productivity applications customers know and use every day. Standard communications support is also built into Windows CE, enabling users to access the Internet for sending and receiving e-mail or browsing the World Wide Web.

Handheld devices based on Windows
CE will be a boon to salespeople in the field,”
said Curtis Faith, president and CEO of Borealis Software.
“Windows CE- based applications will allow salespeople to have the data they need while on site with a customer, making it easier to synchronize the information on their handheld devices with their laptop or desktop PC and corporate servers.”

One feature especially important to mobile professionals is the ability of Windows CE to communicate seamlessly with their Windows-based desktop PC. When they return from a customer visit, they simply place the device in a communications cradle (or connect it to a serial cable) linked to their desktop computer, transferring all information automatically.


CE also makes it easier for software developers to build applications because its environment is already familiar to developers for Windows. Windows
CE supports a comprehensive, expandable subset of Win32® APIs. Software developers will use familiar off-the-shelf development tools, building on the experience of thousands of developers, ensuring that a strong aftermarket will emerge for applications for Windows


“Vantive is committed to industry leadership with Microsoft,”
said John Luogo, president and CEO, The Vantive Corp.

We applaud its efforts to expand the utility of the Windows platform. Windows

CE allows us to provide our sales, customer support, field service, quality assurance and help desk software to emerging mobile computing devices. Vantive’s distributed architecture allows us to embrace new computing environments such as the Web and Windows
CE rapidly.”

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