Microsoft SNA Server 3.0 Now Available

REDMOND, Wash., Dec. 17, 1996 — Microsoft Corp. today announcedthat Microsoft® SNA Server version 3.0 is now available to customers. The new release of Microsoft’s host integration software delivers several compelling new features in a single package, making it easier to integrate IBM mainframe and AS/400 systems with the

Windows NT® Server network operating system and PC desktops. SNA Server 3.0 also nearly doubles the capacity of the previous version and offers easy, cost-effective setup and management.

These advances make SNA Server 3.0 ideal for integrating client/server technology, including intranets and the Internet, with legacy data and for offloading communications processing from host computers and PCs. By standardizing on SNA Server 3.0, corporations can reduce the cost and complexity of maintaining several different gateway products and can extend the life of current corporate investments.

“Customers have told us that integration with existing AS/400, mainframe and minicomputer systems is essential when choosing Internet and intranet products,”
said Mike Nash, director of the personal and business systems group at Microsoft.
“SNA Server provides the sophisticated application-level integration our customers need to run their businesses.”

“We track over 8 million customers and guests on our IBM AS/400s. Uptime is critical for us because all of our locations are open 365 days a year, many of them 24 hours a day,”
said Jim Burks, manager of client/server platforms, Harrah’s Entertainment, Inc.
“We chose SNA Server 3.0 for our host connectivity solution because it was head and shoulders above the competition for robustness, security and fail-over capabilities.”

New Features Support Greater Capacity, Better Host Integration

New features in SNA Server 3.0 allow the support of greater capacity, better host integration, and easier setup and management. New features include the following:

  • Increased capacity. Support for up to 5,000 users and up to 15,000 host sessions allows fewer centralized SNA Servers to support an entire enterprise.*

  • SNA print service. Through server emulation, mainframe and AS/400 users can now print to any printer on a Windows NT-based or Novell LAN.

  • Single sign-on to AS/400s and mainframes. Users use a single password for LAN and host applications, significantly reducing the cost and complexity of password and user account management.

  • Data encryption. Assures secure client to server and server to server communication whether local or across a wide area network.

  • Shared folders service. PCs can access
    “shared folders”
    on the AS/400 without requiring special client PC code.

  • TN5250 service. Provides an industry-standard (RFC1205) 5250 emulation platform allowing any TN5250 emulator to connect to an AS/400.

  • Support for TN3287 clients in TN3270E service. Provides support for RFC 1646 add-on printing capabilities for TN3270. SNA Server also supports RFC 1647 TN3270E.

  • SNA manager. Integrated, graphical console with a Windows® 95 operating system graphical user interface makes local and remote management and administration simple while reducing management costs.

Microsoft SNA Server 3.0 is available now for an estimated retail price starting at $1,359, including 5 client licenses. Existing SNA Server customers may purchase upgrade versions starting at $679. SNA Server 3.0 runs on Windows NT Server version 3.51 or later.

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