Microsoft Announces Visual J++ 1.1

REDMOND, Wash., March 3, 1997 — Microsoft Corp. today announced the Visual J++
development tool version 1.1, Professional Edition, the latest upgrade to the leading Java
™development tool for creating cross-platform Java applications. Microsoft® Visual J++ 1.1 includes new features that enable developers to integrate the power of Java with existing systems such as corporate client/server networks and databases. A free trial edition of Visual J++ 1.1, including all the new features, is available now at (connect-time charges may apply). The Professional Edition will be widely available both as a standalone product and as part of the Visual Studio
97 development system, the company’s recently announced suite of developer tools.

Visual J++ 1.1 provides all the essential tools developers need to create 100 percent compatible cross-platform Java applications and applets. These tools include a debugger that can debug applets inside a Web browser, the world’s fastest Java compiler, a full-featured and customizable editor, and print and online documentation. The following new features are included in both the trial and Professional editions of Visual J++ 1.1:

  • Database Wizard. A step-by-step tool for creating applets that connect to ODBC-compliant databases on any operating system. The Database Wizard uses the popular DAO and RDO object models, which are familiar to developers using the
    Visual Basic® programming system and the Visual C++® development system. ODBC-compliant databases represent the vast majority of databases in use today, including Microsoft SQL Server
    , DB2 and Oracle.

  • ActiveX


    This wizard eliminates laborious code-writing tasks and enables developers to quickly and easily create ActiveX components that can be reused in popular applications such as Visual Basic, PowerBuilder, Delphi, Visual C++ and Microsoft Excel.

  • Enhanced integrated development environment (IDE). Enhancements to the IDE in the Developer Studio
    visual development system include macro scripting through Visual Basic, Scripting Edition, which automates repetitive tasks, and the postbuild feature, a one-step process that can be used for compressing and publishing to the Web Java Applets built in Visual J++.

“Microsoft is committed to providing developers the best Java tool for creating
100 percent compatible cross-platform Java applications,” said Tom Button, director of product marketing for Microsoft Visual Tools. “We are also committed to providing developers the ability to take maximum advantage of their hardware and software investments through tight integration of Java with existing networks, databases and platforms. Visual J++ 1.1 is another step toward making it easy for developers to take advantage of Java.”

Additional Features Provided in the Professional Edition

Additional features in Visual J++ 1.1, Professional Edition, though not available in the free trial edition, include these:

  • Enhanced database support. The Professional Edition provides support for dBase, the Visual FoxPro
    database management system, Microsoft SQL Server, Text, Paradox, Microsoft Excel and Oracle. Only Microsoft Access databases are supported in the trial edition.

  • A free book, “Learn Java Now.” In full printed form, this book covers the fundamentals of Java programming.

  • CAB Tool Kit. Provides developers the ability to create compressed, self-extracting cabinet (.CAB) files that download in less than half the time of regular classes.

  • Digital Signature Tool Kit. Enables developers to digitally sign their applets or files, providing users with verification of the file’s author, and assurance that the file has not been tampered with since it was built.

  • Microsoft Developer Network Library. The Microsoft Developer Network Library CD contains a wealth of technical information that is integrated with the online documentation in Visual J++ 1.1.

Corporate Developers and ISVs Alike Praise Visual J++

“We chose Visual J++ because it offers us the best of both worlds – the ability to easily create cross-platform applications as offered by other Java tools and the power of ActiveX,” said Scott Schneider, Web developer at Southern Company Services Inc. “The ability to build ActiveX components that can be used in programs other than just Java applications potentially saves our company time and money.”

“Our corporate development team loves Visual J++,” said Jamie Jones, principal programmer at Unisys Corp. “Visual J++ makes it especially easy to build cross-platform Java applications for use in our company’s intranet and Web site.”

“Visual J++ is an industrial-strength Java tool,” said Karl Jacob, CEO at Dimension X. “The ActiveX and COM [component object model] integration provided by Visual J++ significantly enhances the performance of our multimedia and 3-D Java products, Liquid Motion Pro and Liquid Reality. We push the limits of Visual J++ every day, and it always performs reliably and safely.”

Visual J++ 1.1 to Ship in Visual Studio 97

Visual J++ 1.1 will be available as part of Visual Studio 97, a comprehensive suite of Microsoft development tools for building client/server, multitier and Web-based solutions. Visual Studio 97 development software will include Visual Basic 5.0, Visual C++ 5.0, the Visual InterDev
Web application development system version 1.0, Visual J++ 1.1 and Visual
FoxPro 5.0. Microsoft will release both a Professional and an Enterprise edition of the Visual Studio suite, which is scheduled to be available at the end of the first quarter of 1997.

Additional Information

Customers who acquired Visual J++ 1.0 after Jan. 27, 1997, are eligible for a free upgrade to Visual J++ 1.1 (shipping and handling charges apply). For more information on Visual J++, visit the Microsoft Web site at

For developers who want to learn Visual J++ 1.1 quickly, Microsoft also announces the 10th title in its award-winning Mastering series, Mastering Visual J++ 1.1 Development, which contains more than 40 hours of interactive multimedia technical instruction. For information on current Mastering series titles, visit the Mastering Web site at

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