Microsoft Internet Explorer 4.0 User Satisfaction High as Demand Continues

REDMOND, Wash., Oct. 16, 1997 — Microsoft Corp. today reported tremendous user response to Microsoft® Internet Explorer 4.0 and cited product satisfaction as the reason consumers and corporate users are adopting Microsoft’s Internet client at an unprecedented rate.

Positive feedback on the product began with preview releases of Internet Explorer 4.0. Microsoft today released results from an independent survey of Internet Explorer 4.0 Preview 2 users. This survey, conducted by Market Decisions Corporation, showed the following results:

  • Ninety-two percent of users were very or somewhat satisfied with Internet Explorer 4.0.

  • Ninety-three percent said they would recommend Internet Explorer 4.0 to a friend.

  • Ninety-one percent said they would definitely use the final version once it became available.

  • Over 50 percent used Outlook
    Express as their e-mail client. Of those users, 92 percent were very or somewhat satisfied with the product.

Users in the survey attributed their satisfaction to the product’s new, innovative features, including True Web Integration, new ease-of-use features and Outlook Express. True Web Integration, which was the overall favorite of users surveyed, weaves the Internet into every aspect of the PC – the desktop, file folders, the network, even the Start menu – so users gain a single, easy way to work with all their information and files. The Outlook Express e-mail client makes sending personalized e-mail simple and fun, with features such as the quick setup wizard, easy migration tools to move from previous e-mail software and customized stationery options.

When asked why they preferred Internet Explorer 4.0 to other browsers, many users cited ease-of-use innovations in the product. These new features include Explorer Bars, which help users easily locate and use Web information.

User Comments Echo Study Results

Microsoft has also received a significant amount of feedback from customers who visited the Microsoft Web site and downloaded the final release of Internet Explorer 4.0.

“This new Web browser is great,” wrote Douglas G. Boehm, Wausau, Wis. “Easy to understand, easy to follow. Microsoft Internet Explorer 4.0 and Outlook Express are by far the best of all the browsers and e-mail systems that I have ever used.”

“It was well worth the efforts – Internet Explorer 4.0 is amazing,” wrote Howard Fellman, Boca Raton, Fla. “Never have I stared at my screen and said ‘wow!’ before.”

“I just upgraded to Internet Explorer 4.0: What can I say, except that I am very impressed, and simply love the browser and the upgraded Windows® interface,” wrote Charles R. Crego, Fort Myers, Fla.

Microsoft Continues to Ensure Customer Satisfaction

Even with overwhelmingly positive feedback and continued customer demand, Microsoft is continually working to provide a good experience for users. To date, Microsoft has identified and addressed the top three issues relating to the installation of Internet Explorer 4.0. These issues and corresponding solutions are noted below and provided to users before they download the product from the Microsoft Web site ( ):

  • Users of Windows NT 4.0: Users running the Windows NT® operating system version 4.0 need to have the Windows NT Service Pack 3 installed before running Internet Explorer 4.0. Service Pack 3 is included on the Internet Explorer 4.0 CD-ROM and is also available for download from the Microsoft Web site at

  • Internet Explorer 4.0 Preview Release Users: Users running a preview release of Internet Explorer 4.0 should uninstall it before installing the final release. To uninstall, users should go to the Control Panel on their computer screens and click Add/Remove Programs. They should then select Internet Explorer 4.0 from the list and click the Add/Remove button.

  • Compaq Presario users: Microsoft Internet Explorer 4.0 is supported on the following models of Compaq Presario personal computers: Compaq Presario 1200 Series, 1600 Series, 2200 Series, 4200 Series, 4500 Series, and 4800 Series Personal Computers. A software upgrade for models not listed above will be provided soon as a free download from Compaq’s Web site. For more information, read the instruction page on the Compaq site at .

Customer Satisfaction With Internet Explorer 4.0 Parallels Strong User Demand

The reported high customer satisfaction with Internet Explorer 4.0 coincides with unprecedented user demand for the software.

“Users have been downloading Internet Explorer 4.0 at phenomenal rates since its release two weeks ago – and this customer feedback indicates why demand is continuing,” said Yusuf Mehdi, director of marketing in the application and Internet client group at Microsoft. “We’re gratified that our attention to product quality and usability are reasons customers are choosing Internet Explorer 4.0.”

More than 2 million users downloaded Internet Explorer 4.0 within its first week of availability. Corporate demand is also at record levels, as announced Monday, with more than 2,000 corporations licensing the Internet Explorer Administration Kit 4.0, bringing Internet Explorer 4.0 to a potential 1.6 million desktops. In addition, Microsoft Internet Explorer 4.0 has received critical acclaim and recommendations from several leading industry publications,

including the Wall Street Journal, CNET, InfoWorld, PC Magazine, PC Week, PC World, TechWeb and ZD Internet Magazine.

For more information or to download Internet Explorer 4.0, visit the Microsoft Web site at

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