Microsoft Press Publishes “PCs for Beginners: A Low-Tech Guide to High Technology”

Microsoft Press Publishes “PCs for Beginners: A Low-Tech Guide to High Technology”

REDMOND, Wash., Feb. 27, 1998 — Personal computer sales are booming, and industry observers say low PC prices are attracting a new class of computer buyer. Moms, dads, students, retirees and other beginners who until recently never dreamed of owning a PC are creating an explosion of first-time users. But for many neophytes, the bright promise of the Internet, e-mail and other software can quickly fade when they try out their new purchase. How do I start up? What’s going on inside my computer? What do those symbols mean on my screen? Fortunately, there’s a place they can turn to that has all the answers. It’s called “PCs for Beginners: A Low-Tech Guide to High Technology” from Microsoft Press® .

Interactive Guide Takes the Fear Out of Personal Computing

First-timers don’t need to feel intimidated if they have this innovative book and CD, promises veteran computer book author JoAnne Woodcock. Easy-to-use interactive lessons in “PCs for Beginners” help take the sting out of the computing experience for all kinds of new users. From the first chapter, Woodcock helps wary first-time computer users get acquainted with their PC on their own terms, with no surprises and no computerese. She gently takes nervous users under her wing to guide them past the crucial initial learning stages that most often discourage beginners. Woodcock patiently explains every step in plain English and never assumes users know about something until she explains it. And she introduces terminology only when it’s needed and then without getting bogged down in detail. With “PCs for Beginners,” new users will surprise themselves at how quickly they’re up and running on a wide range of skills, such as these:

  • How to use the keyboard and the mouse

  • The Windows operating system and how to use it easily

  • Customizing a computer

  • How to use multimedia files

  • The Internet

When they’re finished, apprehensive new users will have been transformed into knowledgeable users, confident in their abilities and excited about the computing possibilities that lie ahead.

“PCs for Beginners” also includes a trial version of Microsoft® Money 98, a valuable software program for managing finances; Microsoft Internet Explorer 4.1; Pac-Man; and sound and video clips. Simple, instructional and fun! What more could a new computer user ask for? New computer users and anyone who thinks they may be lagging behind the technology curve should ask for “PC for Beginners: A Low-Tech Guide to High Technology” (ISBN
1-57231-812-0). Available now in bookstores and software stores everywhere, its estimated retail price is $29.99 (U.S.; $42.99 in Canada).

JoAnne Woodcock is the author of several popular computer books, including “Understanding Groupware in the Enterprise,” “The Ultimate Microsoft Windows 95 Book” and “The Ultimate MS-DOS® Book,” all published by Microsoft Press. She is also a contributor to the best-selling and critically acclaimed Microsoft Press Computer Dictionary .

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