Microsoft Windows CE Receives Support From Embedded-Industry Leaders

Microsoft Windows CE Receives Support From Embedded-Industry Leaders

REDMOND, Wash., April 6, 1998 — Microsoft Corp. today announced the addition of two more companies that will provide tools solutions and license the Microsoft® Windows® CE operating system. Applied Microsystems Corp. and Mentor Graphics Corp., Microtec Division are the latest value-added distributors for Windows CE. Eighteen additional systems integrators were also announced, including Integrated Systems Inc. Today’s announcement raises the number of distributors to seven and doubles the number of systems integrators supporting the Windows CE platform.

“The support of these high-quality value-added distributors and systems integrators further indicates the growing momentum for Microsoft’s Windows CE 2.0 operating system in the embedded category,” said Joe Quagliani, group manager for Windows CE at Microsoft. “By adding these industry leaders as value-added distributors, and by doubling our network of systems integrators, we can offer partners and customers more solutions to speed their Windows CE-based products to market.”

The distribution program expands the availability of Windows CE to original equipment manufacturers (OEMs) interested in embedding the small, portable operating system in a broad spectrum of devices, from factory robots to consumer electronic devices. Systems integrators bring a rich set of third-party resources and expertise to OEMs, allowing them to bring Windows CE-based products to market faster. This opens the door to further accelerate the acceptance of Windows CE in the embedded-systems industry.

Distributors Port Their Core Technologies to Windows CE

The most recent value-added distributors will strengthen support for developers by providing development kits and a broad range of tools solutions, as well as Windows CE run-time licensing, systems integration and consulting services. Systems integrators offer
Windows CE operating system adaptation, hardware and application development, and manufacturing, consulting and training services.

These 18 new systems integrators have signed agreements with Microsoft to provide key services to OEMs and customers:

Windows CE was designed to provide connectivity and interoperability support to power the new era of interconnected computing appliances. Since the modular, scalable Windows CE platform is based on the Win32® API, developers can leverage their programming knowledge to build embedded systems. The Win32 process model creates the first widely available platform to foster a thriving third-party industry, with products ranging from advanced development and analysis tools to network protocols, software libraries and utilities. At the same time,
Windows CE provides a stable, well-supported, modular operating system that can handle the wide variety of hardware platforms needed for embedded systems.

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