Microsoft Press Publishes “Inside Windows NT,” Second Edition

REDMOND, Wash., April 27, 1998 — Microsoft Press today announced publication of
“Inside Windows NT® ,” Second Edition, the long-awaited revision of the acclaimed guide that introduced the world to the Microsoft® Windows NT operating system and became one of the most enduring computer book successes of the decade.

Like the best-selling classic by Helen Custer on which it is based,
“Inside Windows NT,”
Second Edition, by David Solomon was created in full partnership with the product development team for Windows NT. Solomon’s access to developers and architects of Windows NT and to the source code for Windows NT 4.0 enabled him to write a book packed with cutting-edge, firsthand information and unique insights.

“Inside Windows NT,”
Second Edition, covers all the topics that were in the first edition, plus many more – the cache manager, the Windows NT file system (NTFS) and a preview of the changes coming with Windows NT 5.0. It goes deeper into key Windows NT system functions, internal data structures and system global variables, providing detailed descriptions not available in the first edition. The new edition also features hands-on
“experiments” that offer a peek into how Windows NT works internally. These experiments show how standard tools (such as the kernel debugger and Performance Monitor) and utilities that come with the Windows NT Resource Kit, the Win32® Software Development Kit and the Windows NT Device Drive Kit can be used to observe the internal behavior of Windows NT. A glossary and comprehensive index help readers quickly locate important terms and information about any topic in the book.

For developers who need to know Windows NT internals so they can make the best choices when writing or debugging Windows NT-based applications and for systems administrators who need to understand how Windows NT works so they can troubleshoot system problems when the unexpected happens,
“Inside Windows NT,”
Second Edition, is the ideal single-volume resource. It will help developers and systems administrators understand how the core components of the Windows NT operating system work and aid them in unlocking the full power and performance of the operating system.

About the Author

David Solomon has been teaching seminars on Microsoft Windows NT internals and systems programming since 1992. His company, David Solomon Expert Seminars Inc., delivers high-end developer training to the world’s major software and hardware vendors. Solomon is a regular speaker at industry events such as Microsoft Tech
Ed, WinDev and Software Development.

Availability and Pricing

The 560-page
“Inside Windows NT,”
Second Edition (1-57231-677-2), is available in book and computer stores and directly from Microsoft Press at (800) MSPRESS (677-7377), (800) 667-1115 in Canada. The recommended retail price is $39.99 ($55.99 in Canada). Shipping and handling charges will apply for direct orders.

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