General Instrument and Microsoft to Demonstrate WebTV Over Advanced Interactive Digital Cable Platform at Cable ’98 Show

General Instrument and Microsoft to Demonstrate WebTV Over Advanced Interactive Digital Cable Platform at Cable ’98 Show

ATLANTA, May 4, 1998 — General Instrument Corp. (GI) and Microsoft Corp.’s WebTV Networks Inc. will showcase the integration of the WebTV® service with GI’s advanced interactive digital network platforms at the National Cable Television Association (NCTA) Cable ’98 show in Atlanta, May 4-6. The demonstration will highlight WebTV’s groundbreaking Internet-based television experience operating on GI’s advanced interactive, digital cable terminal, the DCT-5000+.

GI, Microsoft and WebTV Networks have begun working together to integrate Microsoft’s digital television software technology, including the Microsoft® Windows® CE operating system and WebTV technologies, with GI’s DCT-5000+ advanced digital set-top boxes. These advanced digital set-top boxes are being developed as part of GI’s recent agreements to supply approximately 15 million GI OpenCable-compliant set-top boxes to 12 major North American cable operators over the next three to five years. The ongoing collaboration between GI and Microsoft will benefit not only those operators, but other cable networks worldwide by offering the very best in advanced digital cable technology, software, and content and service opportunities.

“Combining WebTV’s technology with our advanced digital cable platforms simply makes good sense,” said Edward D. Breen, chairman and CEO of General Instrument. “WebTV’s unique means of combining Internet and television content offers cable operators a powerful revenue opportunity. By delivering new applications over their digital infrastructure, cable operators can offer more than traditional television programming – Microsoft’s WebTV enables an entirely new source of compelling content.”

GI’s DCT-5000+ advanced interactive digital terminal will deliver an unprecedented level of processing and graphics capabilities. Built around a high-powered 175MHz RISC processor and a high-end 3-D and picture-in-graphics-capable graphics platform, the DCT-5000+ represents the leading edge in next-generation digital cable terminals.

The powerful processing and graphics capability of the DCT-5000+ is also supported by the unit’s advanced digital networking capabilities. Offering a built-in MCNS-compliant cable modem for high-speed networking capability, the DCT-5000+’s unique triple tuner architecture will enable users to simultaneously watch television and surf the Internet or watch and talk using cable IP telephony functionality.

By combining the capabilities of this platform with Microsoft’s WebTV and
Windows CE technologies, the two companies hope to give the cable industry a preview of how an advanced digital platform can benefit television viewers through new interactive capabilities that are extremely easy to use.

“The goal of WebTV’s technology is to deliver new experiences and information to consumers through the integration of television and the Internet. GI’s digital cable technology provides a powerful interactive delivery mechanism to help us bring this new digital TV experience to cable subscribers,” said Jeff Barco, director of broadband technologies at WebTV Networks. “General Instrument’s leadership position in delivering interactive digital cable systems makes it a powerful partner in delivering the next generation of consumer entertainment.”

WebTV technologies provide consumers with access to an entirely new source of information and entertainment content by integrating television and the Internet to create a richer, more personalized television experience. By integrating these capabilities with the high-speed networking capabilities of GI’s digital interactive cable infrastructure, consumers will have access to all the great features of the current WebTV Plus
network and more, at speeds unrivaled by traditional telephone modems.

The Microsoft WebTV technology featured at the show includes the state-of-the-art electronic program guide, which allows users to better navigate and manage their television viewing. Also featured are TV Crossover Links
Web site listings, which complement and enhance television programs by providing quick, easy access to Web sites that are directly related to popular television programs.

General Instrument Corp. (NYSE “GIC”) is the world leader in analog and digital systems that provide video, audio and high-speed Internet and data services over cable and satellite television networks. GI’s cable and satellite television operations have approximately 7,000 employees and annual sales of approximately $1.8 billion.

Visit General Instrument at the Cable ’98 show in Atlanta in Booth 2106. Visit the company’s Web site at ( .

WebTV Networks Inc. operates the WebTV Network Service and develops the WebTV Internet Terminal, available for $99, and WebTV Plus Receiver, starting at $199. Both are available through the company’s U.S. licensees, Sony Electronics Inc., Philips Consumer Electronics Company and Mitsubishi Consumer Electronics America at U.S. consumer electronics stores nationwide. WebTV Networks, based in Palo Alto, Calif., is a subsidiary of Microsoft Corp.

Founded in 1975, Microsoft (Nasdaq “MSFT”) is the worldwide leader in software for personal computers. The company offers a wide range of products and services for business and personal use, each designed with the mission of making it easier and more enjoyable for people to take advantage of the full power of personal computing every day.

Visit Microsoft and WebTV at the Cable ’98 show in Atlanta in Booth 4268.

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Editor’s note: The advanced digital cable technology demonstration will be shown throughout the Cable ’98 show in Atlanta, May 4-6 in both the GI booth (2106) and the Microsoft booth (4268). Please contact Dick Badler of GI or Sue Barnes of Waggener Edstrom for Microsoft for a booth appointment.

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