Microsoft Introduces Visual Basic 6.0

Microsoft Introduces Visual Basic 6.0

REDMOND, Wash., June 15, 1998 — Microsoft Corp. today announced version 6.0 of the Microsoft Visual Basic development system, the world’s most popular rapid application development (RAD) tool and member of the Microsoft Visual Studio
6.0 development tools suite. New data access features in Visual Basic 6.0 provide graphical, integrated data access to any ODBC or OLE DB data source, and additional database design tools for Oracle and Microsoft SQL Server–based databases. New Web development features bring the easy-to-use, component-based programming model of Visual Basic to the creation of HTML- and Dynamic HTML-based applications. These new features, combined with performance optimizations, simplified application deployment and debugging, and support for Microsoft server technologies, make Visual Basic 6.0 an ideal choice for building scalable enterprise applications.

“Visual Basic sets the standard for rapid application development by enabling developers to create high-performance business solutions quickly,”
said Paul Gross, vice president of developer tools at Microsoft.
“The new data access and Web development features in Visual Basic 6.0 extend its awesome productivity to a new breed of distributed applications.”

Integrated Access to Corporate Data

Today, 95 percent of developers using Visual Basic build solutions that access data. With version 6.0, for the first time developers using Visual Basic have a tool that provides integrated data access to any corporate data. The newly integrated Visual Database Tools and new Data Environment Designer in Visual Basic enable the visual design of Oracle and Microsoft SQL Server-based databases, the creation of data access queries, and the sharing of data-aware components. Through enhanced support for ActiveX® Data Objects (ADO), Visual Basic 6.0 makes it easy for developers to access data from almost any store, including messaging servers and proprietary databases. ADO support also enables the creation of applications that rely on server databases and support mobile and remote users.

“The new data enhancements in Visual Basic 6.0 are unparalleled in the industry, and the integrated support for ADO gives the developers using Visual Basic access to any information source,”
said Joseph C. Fung, director of technology, PCSI
“Our consultants are finding Visual Basic 6.0 very powerful and productive for building the large-scale client/server systems that our customers require.”

Introducing the WebClass Designer and Dynamic HTML Page Designer

Through support for ActiveX Controls and Microsoft Component Object Model (COM) component creation, Visual Basic is one of the most popular tools for building Web components. Version 6.0 extends support in Visual Basic for RAD Web development to the creation of browser-independent Web applications and Dynamic HTML pages. The new WebClass Designer simplifies the creation of Web applications by providing an easy-to-use object model for the Web server. The Dynamic HTML Page Designer enables the creation of Microsoft Internet Explorer 4.0-based applications that combine the richness of Dynamic HTML with the performance and productivity of Visual Basic.

“Visual Basic 6.0 is an exciting new product. The new Web features give developers the power of the code-behind-events metaphor in Visual Basic, complete with all the traditional IDE features that made Visual Basic a success,”
said William Storage, founder, NerveNet Inc., a Web design and development company.
“These features represent a dramatic leap forward in the ongoing evolution of Web programming technology.”

Enterprise Application Development

Major enterprises, including the state of Washington, GMAC Commercial Mortgage Corp. and Banker’s Trust New York Corp., have built enterprise-level applications with Visual Basic. Version 6.0 adds even more productivity and performance features for enterprise development:

  • Debugging of
    Microsoft Transaction Server components from within the Visual Basic environment

  • Package and Deployment Wizard for simplified application and component distribution

  • Integrated support for developer editions of Microsoft Internet Information Server, Microsoft Message Queue Server and Microsoft Transaction Server

  • Compiler and run-time optimizations for improved scalability on multiprocessor machines

  • Language enhancements for high-performance string manipulation

  • Access to VSAM and DB/2 databases on IBM AS/400s and IBM mainframes through integrated Microsoft SNA Server 4.0

Pricing and Availability

Visual Basic 6.0 will be available in Learning, Professional and Enterprise editions as a standalone product and will also be available as part of the Visual Studio development system version 6.0, the comprehensive suite of Microsoft developer tools for the Microsoft Windows® operating system and the Web. Visual Basic 6.0 and Visual Studio 6.0 are scheduled to be available in late summer through software resellers and academic resellers or from Microsoft at (800) 426-9400. Pricing and upgrade policies will be announced at that time. For more information, please visit .

About Visual Studio

The Microsoft Visual Studio 6.0 development system Professional Edition is a comprehensive suite of industry-leading development tools for building business applications for the Windows NT® Server operating system, including client/server, multitier and Web-based solutions. Visual Studio 6.0 Professional Edition features Visual Basic 6.0, the Visual C++® 6.0 development system, the Visual J++
6.0* development system for Java, the Visual InterDev
™6.0 Web development system, the Visual FoxPro® 6.0 database development system, Windows NT Option Pack and the Microsoft Developer Network (MSDN
) Library CD-ROM.

The Visual Studio 6.0 Enterprise Edition is the complete suite for rapidly building scalable enterprise solutions. The Enterprise Edition comes with all the components of the Professional Edition and also includes key enterprise and team development features designed to help developers rapidly build scalable distributed applications that can be easily integrated with existing enterprise systems and applications. More information on Visual Studio 6.0 is available at .

Visual Studio 6.0 is scheduled to officially launch Sept. 2, 1998, at Developer Days ’98. For more information on this conference, visit the Developer Days Web site at

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) is the worldwide leader in software for personal computers. The company offers a wide range of products and services for business and personal use, each designed with the mission of making it easier and more enjoyable for people to take advantage of the full power of personal computing every day.

* Visual J++ 6.0 can be obtained through enclosed voucher when available.

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