Microsoft Releases Japanese Version of “Microsoft Plus! 98” on July 25(Sat)

Microsoft Releases Japanese Version of
“Microsoft® Plus! 98”
on July 25 (Sat)

Japan – June 17, 1998 –

<<Translation of the Japanese-language news release>>

Microsoft Co., Ltd. (headquartered in Shibuya-ku, Tokyo -President Makoto Naruke) will release the Japanese version of
“Microsoft® Plus! 98”
(hereinafter referred to as
“Plus! 98”
), an upgrade product that enhances the features of the Japanese version of
“Microsoft® Windows® 98”
(hereinafter referred to as
“Windows 98”
) on Saturday, July 25 th .

Plus! 98 supports both PC/AT machines and NEC PC-9800 series machines. The estimated retail price is Yen 5,800.

The entertainment features on Plus! 98 include 18 brand-new desktop themes, three enjoyable games and a CD player with Internet support, as well as powerful utilities such as an anti-virus utility which works in cooperation with Windows 98 as a built-in system tool, and a disk manager. With Windows 98 and Plus! 98, users will more exciting and comfortable PC computing experience.

Plus! 98 includes the following components:

Desktop Themes and Screen Savers. With the 18 new desktop themes, you can customize your wallpaper, screen saver and mouse pointer.

Deluxe CD Player. In addition to playing your audio CDs as usual, inserting an audio CD will automatically download data from the Internet, including the artist’s name, the CD’s title and the tracks’ names. It will also allow the user to search for more information on the artist and the album at the Billboard and Yahoo sites, and to shop on-line at music Web Sites such as Music Boulevard and

Three Exciting Games. Plus! 98 includes
“Microsoft Golf 1998 Lite”
(English Edition), which allows the user to experience the
course at Bay Harbor Golf Club (originally included in
“Microsoft Golf 1998 Edition”
. It also includes
“Spider Solitaire,”
a super-challenging solitaire game using two decks of cards, and Segasoft
“Lose Your Marbles,”
a quick and captivating puzzle game.

Edit Digital Images with
“Picture It! Express”
. An abridged edition of
“Microsoft Picture It!”
Users can edit images created with a scanner or a digital camera, touching up and eliminating red-eye, changing image size, adjusting brightness and contrast and cropping.

Virus Scanning and Disinfection. Plus! 98 includes McAfee VirusScan. Working in cooperation with the Windows 98 built-in maintenance wizard, McAfee VirusScan will scan and disinfect modularized viruses. In addition to scheduled sessions, the user can also set the program to scan the hard disk while the screen saver is running to ensure a safe computing environment. (McAfee Virus Scan works on PC/AT compatibles machines only.)

Enhanced Disk Clean-Up. Plus! 98 detects rarely or never used files, allowing users to deleting those files from the system and recover disk space. It also allows the deletion of empty folders and broken links from the start menu.

Compress Files and Folders. With Plus! 98, users will be able to compress files and folders up to 90 percent with a simple drag and drop operation. Compressed files can be added or expanded in the same way with the Windows 98 standard user interface.

System Requirement

(Required memory and hard disk may vary depending on system configuration)

<The following hardware might be required for activating part of Plus 98! Features.>

Sales Overview

  • Product Name: Japanese Version of Microsoft Plus! 98

  • Introduction Date: Saturday, July 25, 1998

  • Estimated Retail Price: Yen 5,800

  • We do not give specified suggested retail prices since February 1 st in 1997. Instead, we disclose estimated retail prices based on a third-party research institute’s survey.

  • Sales Channel: Sold by resellers around the nation

  • Media: CD-ROM only

  • Contents: CD-ROM,
    “Before you use it”
    Guidebook, Request for Registration of Official User, Agreements/Official User Registration Form


  • This product is available only on CD-ROM.

  • This product includes two kinds of CD-ROM, for PC/AT compatibles and for PC-9800 series computers.

  • McAfee VirusScan included in this product works on PC/AT compatibles only, not on PC-9800 series computers.

  • Microsoft Golf 1998 Lite (English Edition) included in this product is a demo version and thus not covered by technical support.

  • Deluxe CD Player included in this product may fail to download information on certain CD titles.

  • Required memory and hard disk space may vary according to system configuration.

  • This product will not work on Windows 95 or Windows NT.

  • This product does not include Windows 98.

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Microsoft Co., Ltd., Web Site:

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MSKK FAXBOX, Fax: (03) 5454-8100

Microsoft Corporation, FAXBOX, Fax (1) 201-333-0314

Microsoft, Windows and Windows NT are registered trademarks of Microsoft Corporation in the U.S. and other countries.

Windows is formally specified as
“Microsoft Windows Operating System.”

Other company and product names are the registered trademarks or trademarks of each company.

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