Microsoft and J.D. Edwards Announce New Levels of Integration Between OneWorld ERP Solutions and Microsoft BackOffice

DENVER, June 25, 1998 — Microsoft Corp. and enterprise business software developer J.D. Edwards Co. today announced their collaboration on a variety of technology initiatives designed to improve the integration between the J.D. Edwards® OneWorld
™suite of ERP solutions and the Microsoft® BackOffice® family of products.

In his keynote address today at the J.D. Edwards Focus ’98 User Group Conference, Robert McDowell, Microsoft vice president for enterprise business relationships, announced that the two companies are cooperating on the integration of OneWorld with new Microsoft BackOffice technologies.

“J.D. Edwards is an established leader in enterprise solutions for Windows NT® ,”
McDowell said.
“Microsoft’s work with J.D. Edwards will enable our mutual customers to improve application interoperability, lower total cost of ownership, and improve overall system performance and reliability.”

Specifically, the announcements today are as follows:

  • OneWorld Support for the Microsoft Component Object Model (COM). J.D. Edwards announced it will support the Microsoft Component Object Model (COM) to provide application integration between OneWorld and third-party applications. This capability gives OneWorld customers the ability to access OneWorld functionality and data through COM interfaces.

“Increasingly complex business processes spanning multiple applications have made integration a high priority for J.D. Edwards customers,”
said Jim Foos, senior vice president, development technologies at J.D. Edwards.
“Microsoft COM provides a widely accepted component object model for creating, deploying, managing and integrating distributed applications.”

J.D. Edwards will ship the new COM support in OneWorld Release B73.3, currently scheduled to ship near the end of 1998.

  • OneWorld Support for Microsoft Windows NT Server Operating System 4.0 Terminal Server Edition (code-named

    ) . J.D. Edwards announced support for the Microsoft Windows NT Terminal Server Edition architecture in future releases of OneWorld. This architecture allows access to OneWorld applications through a wider variety of client devices, including devices based on 16-bit and 32-bit Windows® operating systems as well as devices based on other operating systems. Terminal Server Edition enables full access to OneWorld by remote dial-up users, multiple users on low-speed WAN connections, and greater numbers of LAN-based users. OneWorld support of Terminal Server Edition gives the enterprise the ability to extend the life of existing workstations and lower overall cost of ownership. J.D. Edwards will ship support for Microsoft Windows NT Terminal Server Edition in OneWorld Release B73.2.2, currently scheduled to ship in fall 1998.

  • OneWorld Support for Microsoft Cluster Server. J.D. Edwards announced it will support Microsoft Clustering APIs to provide customers with fail-over capabilities that increase uptime and overall system availability. J.D. Edwards will ship support for Microsoft Cluster Server in OneWorld Release B73.3, currently scheduled to ship near the end of 1998.

  • OneWorld Support for Microsoft SQL Server Version 7.0. J.D. Edwards announced plans to support Microsoft SQL Server
    version 7.0 when it becomes available later this year.

“The Windows NT platform is already the fastest-growing segment of our business,”
said Michael Schmitt, senior vice president at J.D. Edwards.
“J.D. Edwards developers have been working closely with Microsoft engineers at the Microsoft SQL Server lab in Redmond and on site at J.D. Edwards to ensure that Microsoft SQL Server version 7.0 will be the price/performance leader for OneWorld on Windows NT.”

About J.D. Edwards

J.D. Edwards (Nasdaq: JDEC) develops, markets and supports multinational, integrated enterprise software for distribution, finance, human resources, manufacturing and supply chain management. The company’s enterprise software operates in multiple computing environments, including IBM AS/400, UNIX, Windows NT and the Internet. Founded in 1977, J.D. Edwards headquarters are in Denver; the company posted fiscal 1997 revenues of $647.8 million. J.D.

Edwards’ OneWorld is a network-centric, multinational software package that enables customers to change technology or business practices while reducing costs and business interruptions. Additional information about J.D. Edwards’ products can be obtained by contacting the company at (800) 727-5333 or via the Internet at .

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