Government Expects to Save $10 Million Using Intranet-Based Reports

ARLINGTON, Va., and REDMOND, Wash., June 30, 1998 — It is estimated that the Defense Finance and Accounting Service (DFAS) will save $10 million over the next two years by implementing a combination of Report.Web, an intranet-based host report management solution from Network Software Associates Inc., and Microsoft® Windows NT® Server 4.0, Microsoft Corp.’s powerful, multipurpose server operating system.

DFAS, the Department of Defense’s centralized accounting and financial service, recently chose Report.Web and Windows NT Server to distribute legacy reports over its secure intranet. This solution meets DFAS’ requirements to reduce the time and cost traditionally associated with printing the many host reports regularly generated at DFAS. The decision to select Windows NT Server as the operating system and server component was based on the flexibility, scalability, ease of use and overall centralized management it offers.

The ultimate goal for DFAS is to have a central clearinghouse for all host-based reports that are generated from different systems, both locally and remotely. As a result, flexibility is key in assuring a successful transition.

DFAS comprises five regional centers and 18 operational locations (OPLOCS). The Windows NT Server-based solution allows for the scalability necessary to cater to all the individual sites and systems. Windows NT Server also provides better scalability on multiprocessor systems, especially those with more than four processors.

Microsoft is excited to work with Network Software Associates to deliver a
Windows NT Server-based solution that enabled DFAS not only to increase productivity but also to save millions of dollars,”
said Tanya van Dam, group product manager for Windows NT Server at Microsoft.
“This solution again demonstrates Microsoft’s commitment to working with customers and partners to develop next-generation computing solutions for organizations of all sizes.”

Each OPLOC has Report.Web administrators who are responsible for modeling and configuring the reports. Once the reports, which are automatically identified, published and indexed, are downloaded from the different hosts to Windows NT Server, any DFAS employee with the appropriate user ID and password is able to access them via a Web browser. Because numerous people work with these reports, the system must be simple and easy to use.

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