New Release of Microsoft Visual J++ 6.0 Improves Developer Productivity And Interoperability

REDMOND, Wash., July 13, 1998 — Microsoft Corp. today announced the availability of Microsoft® Visual J++
™6.0 Technology Preview 2, a beta release of the next version of the industry’s most widely used development system for Java. This update is designed to make it easier to build high-performing applications for the Microsoft Windows® operating system and the Web and gives developers the tools they need to integrate their projects with existing business systems. Enhancements in performance and stability, as well as a number of new innovations, further simplify the development of feature-rich applications, components and middle-tier business objects. New features include ActiveX® Control creation, enhanced data access components, integrated Visual Database Tools, an integrated Visual Component Manager and significantly improved documentation and sample code.

This technology preview of the Visual J++ 6.0 development system for Java is currently available for free download (connect-time charges may apply) from the Visual J++ Web site at .

Better Integration With Existing Business Systems

With the new ActiveX Control creation in Visual J++ 6.0, developers can build reusable visual components that integrate with the most popular Windows-based applications, including the Microsoft Visual Basic® development system and the Microsoft Visual C++® development system.

“Visual J++ 6.0 gives our developers easy access to ActiveX Controls and the benefits of rapid application development,”
said Marcus Ruark, director of marketing for Commotion Technology Inc.
“It frees our engineers and our customers to focus on developing great factory-floor applications.”

Developers can also find, track, catalog and reuse components with the newly included Professional Visual Component Manager. The Visual Component Manager enables effective code reuse by storing components in a searchable repository for easy access. When it’s time to use a component, simply launch the Visual Component Manager, navigate to the component and import it into the current project.

Easier data access is enabled through Professional Visual Database tools, the Application Wizard and the new Windows Foundation Classes (WFC) Data Grid. The Professional Visual Database Tools allow developers to view tables, modify data, and create SQL queries from within the development environment. The Application Wizard automatically creates a single-table or master/detail database program. The WFC Data Grid is a powerful databound control for viewing information in a tabular form.

Develop Feature-Rich Windows and Web Applications Faster

Added to the palette of visual controls offered in the first preview are a number of new components designed to provide the full look and functionality of the Windows platform, including rebars (Microsoft Internet Explorer-style sliding toolbars), Office-style
toolbars, status bars, tree controls and more. Now, developers can rapidly build applications that behave like native Windows-based applications with Visual J++. Also included is the Internet Explorer HTML rendering component that can help make any application Web-enabled.

“Microsoft Visual J++ 6.0 is an excellent tool for developing native Java applications for the Intel Architecture,”
said Will Swope, vice president of marketing, business platforms group, Intel Corp.
“For customers who choose to run Java applications, using Visual J++ on the 32-bit Windows and Intel platforms will help deliver the best performance.”

Significantly expanded documentation helps developers get a head start on their WFC programming projects. New example code and programming tips help programmers learn the nuances of the WFC hierarchy and the power and flexibility of the Visual J++ environment.

The Visual Studio
6.0 development system, scheduled to be available Sept. 2, will include a copy of Visual J++ 6.0 Technology Preview 2, as well as a voucher for a free copy of the final Visual J++ 6.0 product when it is available. The final version of Visual J++ 6.0 is expected to be delivered directly to customers in mid-September and to the retail channel in the weeks following.

Visual J++ 6.0 is tightly integrated with Visual Studio 6.0, the comprehensive suite of industry-leading development tools for building business applications for the Microsoft Windows NT® Server operating system, including client/server, multitier and Web-based solutions.

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